How to create a beautiful interior of a small apartment: ideas for life

The housing problem has spoiled not only Muscovites. Many of our fellow citizens of quite a flourishing age still rent housing. What kind of happiness is buying your own real estate! Even if the “nest” is very small - a studio or a “small size”. Moreover, experts in modern design offer many ways to make the interior of a small apartment cozy and functional.

In such homes, experts recommend using a minimalist design. The Japanese style and high-tech are well in line with this trend. The basic rule applicable to the creation of the interior is the visual expansion of the space. Furniture and decor should be a little: one large wardrobe is better than three small ones and a bedside table. Favorite accessories like elephant figurines or figurines placed on shelves should be left in moms and grandmothers' apartments (and forget about the habit of bringing “pleasant trifles” from traveling, thereby saving the house from cluttering up).

Do not use heavy curtains and draperies. If the window is a beautiful park or a panoramic view of the streets of your favorite city, you can generally "not zashtoryvatsya." But not everyone is so lucky. If your window overlooks a boring courtyard or a noisy highway, blinds, roller blinds and other modern "chips" will save the situation.

Color solutions play a special role in the design of a small apartment. The floor covering should be uniform, the color of the walls in the rooms (especially adjacent ones) is also better to make similar. Use mostly light tones, while the shades can be deep and bright. The height of ceilings is important. Unfortunately, in secondary housing 70-80-ies rarely you can meet high ceilings. Experts advise to trim the ceiling with lighter material than the walls. Even a slight difference in shades will increase the height.

Do not place furniture along walls. Especially this rule is relevant when considering the interior of a small hallway. Use space both vertically and horizontally. For example, it is possible to hang shelves with shelves, placing things on the very top, which are rarely necessary.

Zoning helps.But in the planning areas for "small-sized" has its own secrets. For example, many designers recommend doing podiums. On the podium can accommodate both a work area (computer desk, gadgets, a wardrobe), and a “bedroom” with a bed and a coffee table.

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