How to cover with ondulin

Inspect the old roof, eliminate all damage, clean up debris. Check the condition of the old waterproofing.
If necessary, lay a waterproofing layer on the old roofing, for example ISOVER or Megaizol, it is better to take a waterproofing coating with a vapor barrier.
Above the waterproofing, tamper the crate of wooden bars 40x50mm, drilling the old roofing in the right places. The pitch of the batten depends on the angle of the roof. Usually it is 45-60cm in axes.
Tamp the additional crate from the same bar for the device skate.
Stretch the string around the edges of the roof slopes and along its bottom edge. Check the diagonal of the plane of the roof, adjust the rectangle.
Nail the bottom row of Ondulin on each wave, as well as the joints of the sheets.
The following rows nail through the wave. Move the joints of the sheets of each row to the floor of the sheet so that they are not in the same plane. Ondulin overlaps by one wave, overlapping rows - 15-20 cm.
On the subsequent sheets of Ondulin, mark the nail nailing area by applying a straight wooden bar across the waves. You can mark Ondulin with a color pencil.
Lay Ondulin strictly according to the instructions.Under the outer sheets of Ondulin and under the ridge, place a seal.
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Ondulin does not require dismantling of the old roofing. Sheets weigh approximately 6 kg, which makes their ascent to the roof quick and easy. Ondulin is easily mounted, does not heat up, does not rustle in the rain, does not get wet, does not rust. It is cheaper than metal in half. In addition, it has a lot of additional accessories for roof repair: valley, chipy, Ondulin self-adhesive waterproofing tape, etc. Work with such material easily and quickly.

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