How to cope with the strong shine of the skin?

Bold shine is a common problem and the cause of the complexes of many girls. A brilliant face looks extremely unattractive and makes you take desperate measures. But to solve the problem, you need to understand its essence and act purposefully and comprehensively.

Why does the face shine?

Why is the skin of the face treacherously shiny? It's all about the sebaceous glands, which secrete skin secretion. It is necessary for moistening and providing a natural protective barrier, but if fat is synthesized in increased quantities, then this leads to the appearance of an ugly greasy luster.

Causes of increased production of skin secretion may be as follows:

  • Non-compliance with personal hygiene. For example, if you do not wash regularly, then the skin will try to moisturize and cleanse itself, highlighting the secret, provoking shine.
  • Wrong care. If you use unsuitable or overly aggressive cosmetic or caring agents, this can also have a negative effect on the sebaceous glands and increase their activity.
  • Hormonal disorders.The work of the sebaceous glands is directly dependent on hormonal background, so it can be disturbed in certain gynecological diseases, during menopause or puberty, during pregnancy or menstrual failures, as well as in postpartum changes.
  • Incorrect food. Some foods can stimulate and enhance sebum synthesis. For example, sharp spices and seasonings, fatty, fried, ready-to-cook foods and fast food have this effect.
  • Another possible cause of gloss is severe or chronic stress or neurological damage. Nerve fibers that penetrate literally the whole body are responsible for transmitting impulses from the brain and perform a number of other functions, including regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands.
  • Endocrine disorders. The endocrine system is responsible for the functioning of the glands, and therefore with some disruptions their work may deteriorate.
  • Bad habits. Smoking and alcohol abuse also have a negative effect on the skin and provoke an increased activity of the sebaceous glands.

How to solve a problem?

What to do if the shiny skin on the face does not allow you to enjoy the beauty and makes the complexes and hide? You can solve this problem if you figure out and eliminate the causes of the increased activity of the sebaceous glands and act in a complex. The main stages and steps towards a beautiful face are discussed below.

Redefining food and lifestyle

You should start with nutrition, because what we look like depends directly on what we eat. Therefore, eliminate from the diet fatty and fried foods, as well as fast food, convenience food. It is recommended to reduce the use of sweets and hot spices and spices.

Lifestyle should also be healthy, so quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption to a minimum. It is equally important to move more and observe the daily regimen, adhering to the normal balance of wakefulness and sleep. And, of course, try to be as nervous as possible.

We provide the right care

Proper and complete care includes the following areas:

  1. Proper cleansing. For oily skin, it is especially necessary, but should be gentle and mild. You should not overdo it, because if you clean the skin often and actively, it will develop a protective mechanism and will release even more fat in order to preserve the natural barrier.Enough daily washing and scrub once or twice a week.
  2. Proper moisturizing. If the face is shiny, this does not mean that the skin does not require hydration, because fat is the water that the cells of the dermis need.
  3. Regular and systematic removal of excess sebum. For this purpose, you can use special cosmetic matting wet wipes that absorb excess fat and gently cleanse your face, making it matte, velvety and attractive.
  4. Proper washing. First, wash with warm or cool water to narrow pores. Elevated temperatures will provoke a rush of blood and an increase in the activity of the sebaceous glands. Secondly, every morning use a soft tonic or gel. Thirdly, wipe your face gently and carefully, using a pleasant touch to a non-rough towel.
  5. Protection. First of all, you need to protect the skin from direct sunlight, so be sure to apply sunscreen, and try to cover your face in hot weather, for example, putting on a hat with wide margins.
  6. Correct makeup. Your main task should be matting the skin.In addition, it is worth striving for naturalness, since an overly bright make-up will flaunt all defects.

We select the appropriate means

It is imperative to select and use suitable tools.

  • First, they must be designed specifically for oily and prone to shiny skin. The composition of such funds may include matting, normalizing the sebaceous glands and gently cleansing components.
  • Secondly, all products must be of high quality.
  • Third, the means should not be aggressive. Discard those that contain alcohol and concentrated acids.
  • Fourth, decorative cosmetics, without which no representative of the fair sex can do without, should have a light, delicate and almost weightless texture, as a dense layer will contaminate and clog pores and disrupt the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Foundation better to replace the weightless mineral powder.

Use homemade recipes

Get rid of the shine will help proven and effective folk remedies:

  • A great way to cleanse your face is to use cucumber lotion.For cooking, you can simply chop the cucumbers and squeeze the juice out of them, which will be an excellent alternative to means for washing.
  • Effective masks based on oatmeal. It is better to grind in a coffee grinder or blender and mix, for example, with egg white, milk or liquid honey. Such agents have adsorbent, cleansing and nourishing properties.
  • For washing you can use ordinary green tea, it does an excellent job with elevated fluid.
  • Prepare a natural scrub of ground coffee and finely ground natural sea salt by dissolving these ingredients in a small amount of natural liquid honey.
  • You can apply on the face of ordinary kefir, or, for example, yogurt.
  • A teaspoon of yeast dissolved in 30 ml of lemon juice. Leave the mixture for fifteen minutes and spread over the face, and after half an hour, rinse.

Now your face will cease to shine and will look attractive and fresh!

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