How to cook Thursday salt

On the eve of the Easter holiday you can hear about the preparation of Thursday salt. It is made on the night from Wednesday to Thursday or on Thursday early in the morning. According to popular belief, this product has magical properties. On the benefits and harms of the Thursday salt, its use in everyday life will talk further.
thursday salt benefit and harm
Thursday salt: the benefits and harm
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How to cook Thursday salt in modern conditions

The people of the salt has always been considered a special product. But, besides improving the taste of food, since ancient times it has been used in healing and has been endowed with sacred power. However, it was possible to cook such a “strong” salt only once a year - before Easter. For its preparation, they took coarse salt and burned it in the oven so that it would turn black.

How to make healing black salt in modern conditions? There are several recipes.

1. Take 5 kg of black bread, soak it and mix with 1 kg of coarse salt.Place this mixture in a well preheated oven and keep until the bread turns black. After everything is well cool, chop and sift through a sieve.

Likewise, they prepare aromatic Thursday salt, which is added to all dishes. It greatly improves the taste of food, gives it a special touch. For cooking it is necessary in addition to salt and bread to stock up on herbs and spices, which are added before being placed in the oven. It can be mint, oregano, coriander, dill, cumin.

2. You can cook black salt with cabbage. To do this, remove the top leaves from cabbage, cut them and mix with coarse salt. Place in an oven heated to 250 ° C and hold until the mixture turns black.

3. Coarse salt is also often calcined in a cast iron pan, adding flour there. On a pack of salt take 12 tablespoons of rye flour. In the process of burning salt can begin to crackle. When the flour turns black, it must be left to cool, then put into a linen bag.

These are the most common recipes for the Thursday salt, which are still used today. Harm from its use will not be if you use this product in moderation.It is advisable to use a small pinch per day, adding it at the end of cooking, as a finishing touch.

How to use Thursday salt

Let us now understand the benefits of black salt and where it can be applied. Prepare this salt, first of all, to add to food. Dishes with such an additive become tastier and benefit the body. This product improves digestion and the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

However, it is used in peculiar rituals, for example:

- poured into every corner so that troubles leave the house;

- to reconcile the spouses are placed in a bag and hidden under the pillow;

- they add to the bathing water so that the children grow strong and healthy.

These are the miraculous abilities attributed to the black Thursday salt. Believe in her power or not, you decide, but the harm from its use will not be exact.

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