How to cook dried tomatoes?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
April 5, 2013
How to cook dried tomatoes?

More recently, the Russians met with such overseas divas as dried tomatoes. The birthplace of this dish is Italy. The taste is a bit unusual for us, but it deserves all the attention. It is worth a jar of such tomatoes is not cheap, but you can cook a delicacy yourself. So, how to make dried tomatoes?

In the sunshine

For those who are familiar with drying fruit, there is nothing difficult in this process. Tomatoes that have reached the condition in the sun are the most delicious.

To get Italian dried tomatoes, you need a baking sheet, parchment paper, aromatic herbs (basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme), pepper. It is advisable to take small fleshy tomatoes. Cut into 2-4 parts (you can remove the seeds), put on paper and sprinkle with spices. Cover with insect gauze and expose to the sun. In private houses, the roof has long been considered the best place to dry, but it can also be on the balcony. At night, it is better to clean, so that the taste does not deteriorate from moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Vegetables are ready when the juice ceases to stand out. Then they need to be folded from the jar, sprinkled with spices and filled with oil (olive, but can be refined sunflower). Close the lid, put on a day in a dark place, then in the cold.

Accelerated way

In our climate, natural drying can be problematic. How to make dried tomatoes at home?

You can do this in the oven, using the instructions above. But it is better to grease the parchment, salt the tomatoes and sprinkle with oil. Cooking temperature and time depend on the oven: with 60-100 on average 5-12 hours. The oven door to keep ajar.

You can speed up the process using a microwave. First, cook at full power for about 5 minutes, then turn off and wait 10 minutes. Take out, drain the liquid and cook for another 3 minutes.

In the convection oven with the lid ajar, the process takes 2-3 hours at a temperature of 80-90.

When cooking dried tomatoes, consider that from 1.5 kg only about 200 g of the finished product is obtained. But the taste of this dish is worth the cost.

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