How to cook chicken stomachs?

The art of making by-products is considered to be highly qualified culinary. Some people think that creating a delicacy or just a tasty dish from these parts of the bird is simply not necessary. Learn with us how to cook chicken stomachs so that human stomachs will sing songs of praise.

Like any other meat product, chicken stomachs taste great after a different type of heat treatment - boiled, fried and stewed. It, as well as an independent dish, and a fine component for difficult recipes. Minced gizzards can be remarkable in meatballs, it is also tasty in pancakes, cakes. Chicken gizzards can be an indispensable ingredient in salads and snacks. Now it becomes clear that practically any dish can be cooked from chicken stomachs.

Offal preparation

An important action in the preparation of the stomachs is washing them. Wash should be thorough in running water. In the process of washing it is also necessary to separate fat residues from the ventricles.After this procedure, it is advisable to leave the product in water for some time, and then rinse again. Pure offal must be boiled, how to implement it is recommended to learn here "How to cook the stomachs?".

We will help you learn how to cook chicken stomachs. The recipes of the dishes are so simple that even a person without special culinary preparation can reproduce them.

Stewed stomachs

To make a kilogram of stomachs, you still need 2 onions and one medium carrot. We transfer the boiled stomachs to the quenching dish and begin this process. On low heat, the product is cooked for about an hour. At this time, separately in a pan, fry the chopped onion, combine it with grated carrots, and sauté until the carrots change color. Add the dressing to the container with the stomachs, then quench together for another 20 minutes.

Korean stomach snack

To prepare this snack, the following components are necessary: ​​chicken stomachs - 0.5 kg., Chicken broth 150 ml., Onions - 3 pcs., Vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. spoons. Spices: soy sauce - 1 tbsp. spoon, garlic - 0.5 heads, cilantro, ground red pepper.

It is necessary to rinse the stomachs, remove the inner film (for this it is convenient to scald them with boiling water) and boil them in salted water. Boiled stomachs cut into strips.

Prepare the onion in half rings and fry in hot oil. Add the stomachs and chicken broth, simmer for 10-15 minutes. Then add soy sauce, red pepper (use it carefully, it is much sharper than black), finely chopped garlic. Simmer another five minutes. Served dish, sprinkled with cilantro.

To know how to cook chicken stomachs, you need to practice often and try to embody various recipes. The unsurpassed taste of the dish comes with experience. For this we offer the following recipe.

Chicken stomachs with cabbage

This recipe requires chicken stomachs (peeled) - 0.5 kg., White cabbage - 2 kg., Onion and lettuce pepper, 2 pcs. Each, vegetable oil, garlic - 3 teeth. Spices: salt, saffron - 3 tsp.

Cooking takes place in a stewing dish. Vegetable oil is heated in a bowl, which is added to the low-cut stomachs. The heat treatment process takes about 30 minutes. Cook the onion during frying, it is cut into rings.Cut the garlic into small pieces. Pepper and cabbage are harvested in squares.

Then we add onions, peppers and saffron to the roasted stomachs, fry together for 5 minutes. Then lay the cabbage, add a glass of warm water and simmer in closed form for 20-25 minutes. Stew on high heat. In the process, add salt and garlic, stir repeatedly.

The provided recipes will help you learn how to cook chicken stomachs that are comparable in taste to world culinary masterpieces.

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