How to control yourself during pregnancy

Moderate exercise and walking in the park help establish spiritual harmony. Exercise keeps muscles in shape, which is important for safe delivery. Walking in the fresh air enriches the brain with oxygen, which stimulates the nervous system. In addition, the contemplation of nature has a calming effect.
Bad thoughts come to our heads when a person is not busy with anything. Find an interesting hobby that will take your mind and distract from the experience. You can do needlework or organization of space for the future baby. Often, future mothers pulls on the arrangement of their nest. All means are good as long as they bring you joy and do not create new problems.
If the tension increases, you can use the auxiliary means. The most innocuous - a variety of teas and herbal teas.Pharmacies sell ready-made soothing teas and fees. They are based on lemon balm, mint, motherwort, valerian root, hawthorn. Simple tea with honey also has a calming effect.
The most common drugs that are recommended during pregnancy to stabilize the emotional state are motherwort and valerian tablets. Valeriana is drunk one tablet 3 times a day, motherwort - 2 times a day.
A lack of B vitamins can also affect your mood. Therefore, it is important for the future mother to drink vitamins and mineral complexes for pregnant women.
During pregnancy, it is better to refrain from chemical drugs. Some of them are still valid. For example, Persen. It has a mild sedative effect. It consists of extracts of lemon balm, mint, motherwort. Persena can be used only from the second trimester of pregnancy. Among the contraindications - hypotension. Before use, consult your doctor.
Novo-Passit also contains plant extracts and its use is acceptable during pregnancy.This drug interacts with other drugs (may enhance or reduce their effect), so consult with your doctor first. In addition, he has a large list of side effects.
Glycine is an amino acid. It is safe and stimulates the nervous system, which favorably affects the general emotional background. The action of this drug is delayed, as it gradually accumulates in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to drink it for a long time.
Pregnant women are often prescribed B6 magne. Magnesium has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. This drug is often prescribed for threatened miscarriage and for prevention. But an overdose of magnesium is dangerous, so the drug should be taken in courses: 3 weeks, then a break.
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Sedatives for the most part are addictive in the body, so it is important to drink their courses. For example, valerian and motherwort drink 10 days, after which you need to take a break in two weeks and drink another sedative.
Any medications can be dangerous for the future baby, so doctors do not recommend taking any sedatives until 16 weeks of pregnancy.During this period, there is an active development of all the internal organs of the baby and his nervous system.
Helpful advice
There is a stereotype in society that during pregnancy a woman is extremely capricious and nervous. And in connection with the peculiarity of her condition, she is allowed both whims and tantrums. And some sensitive people, barely aware of their situation, begin to experience the nerves of the people around them. Therefore, before taking sedatives, think about the causes of your irritability and nervousness. Perhaps you just need to change the attitude towards yourself and your condition.

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