How to connect free SMS on TELE2?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
August 17, 2014
How to connect free SMS on TELE2?

The operator TELE2 offers its subscribers special packages, which include free SMS. Thanks to them, you can send hundreds of messages for a moderate monthly fee - just 3.3 rubles per day.

How to connect free SMS on TELE2

Today you can connect free SMS to TELE2 in several ways, namely:

  1. Send the following USDD request from your mobile phone: * 155 * 21 # call button.
  2. Call the operator TELE2, so that he manually connect you free SMS. To do this, it is necessary to make a call from your mobile phone to this short number: 611. You can also find out from the operator whether it is possible in your region to connect additionally the service Unlimited SMS.
  3. Use to connect free SMS. Pass on it quick registration, and then in your personal account select the tab "My Services" and go to the section "Configure Services". Then, check the “SMS freedom” box and click on the “Connect” button.After that you will immediately see if unlimited SMS are active in your region. Making their connection is very simple. Check the box next to the line “Unlimited Messages” in the “Configure Services” section, and then save the changes with the “OK” button.

By choosing one of the presented ways to connect a free SMS package, you will spend a minimum of money on sending messages to your friends and family.

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