How to connect a motion sensor to a spotlight - an electrician himself

Sooner or later the question arises about the coverage of the backyard plot or any other private territory. The most successful choice for these purposes is the LED spotlight. But if you want not only to illuminate the space, but also to save electricity, and also to receive an additional bonus in the form of a signal about the approach of moving objects, then you should install a motion sensor together with the lighting. In this article we will look at how to connect a motion sensor to a spotlight, and you can choose an LED spotlight here. Consultants of this online store will be happy to answer all your questions.

Why do you need a spotlight with a motion sensor? LED spotlights with a motion sensor will turn on the light in the area only if there is any movement. It is very convenient for several reasons at once: you don’t need to turn on the light every time or keep it on all night and you will always know when someone else is coming to your house or plot.

The biggest advantage is saving - by installing a motion sensor, you can save up to 50% of the electricity needed for lighting a given space. Such a device is usually used for installation in industrial zones, in courtyards of private houses, in front of gates and garages, in front of apartment buildings, in front of office and public buildings, etc. How to connect the sensor to the projector? LED spotlight and motion sensor are very easy to connect. There are three wires in the sensor box — red, blue, and brown. The brown wire (phase) is connected to the same wire of the luminaire, and the blue and red wires (zero and ground) are connected to the electricity system. How to connect a spotlight to an electrical network? The wire of the phase of the ceiling, after connecting the motion sensor, is connected directly to the network. We do the same with the other wires. How to adjust the motion sensor? You can use resistors on the top (or bottom) part of the device to adjust the motion sensor.Usually there are three of them - time, sensitivity and light. Time refers to the time period during which the sensor keeps the light on, for example, one or two minutes, after the beam of the sensor senses movement. By adjusting the sensitivity, you give the sensor a spectrum of action — the distance at which the beam will capture objects — from a couple of meters to as much as twenty meters. Illumination — means street type of lighting under which will turn your ceiling. For example, when it is already completely dark, or when dusk is still gathering. Motion sensor's operating range The device is equipped with a swivel head or hinged leg, which allows you to select an area actions. With this design, you can adjust the sensor left / right or up / down. Thus, the range of the sensor will change. The minimum radius of the device is 2.5 meters, and the maximum is 20x26 meters. Now you know that connecting a motion sensor to a spotlight is not at all a complicated and time-consuming process.However, when connecting a sensor, remember that successful savings depend not only on it. So, the LED lamps presented on this page are distinguished by the highest efficiency among their analogues - 90%. This figure is achieved by placing reflective metal plates around the LED. The choice of such a lamp is the most optimal today.

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