How to congratulate male colleagues at work on February 23, 2018: original scripts and skits

The question of how to congratulate male colleagues at work on February 23 only seems to be problematic and difficult at first. If you start preparing for the holiday in advance, carefully compose the script and fill it with original numbers, cool skits, sincere congratulations and wishes in verse and prose, Defender of the Fatherland Day in the office will be held successfully and will remain in the memory of all participants for a long time.

How to congratulate male colleagues at work on February 23, 2018: original scripts and skits

If there are a lot of men at work or only one woman works in a team, it’s worth confining to personal oral greetings in your own words or sending out holiday words in the form of SMS or MMS messages. In this way, it will be possible to congratulate absolutely all the men working alongside, without spending a lot of time and almost no effort.A collection of texts with holiday greetings is available on our website and is always available for free download.

How to initially congratulate men from February 23 at work - interesting ideas on video

How to congratulate male colleagues at work on February 23, 2018: original scripts and skits

In this section, we bring to your attention interesting ideas on how to originally congratulate men on February 23 at work. Be inspired by them and create a beautiful, bright, stylish and unforgettable holiday for colleagues in the office, organization or enterprise.

A list of interesting ideas for congratulating colleagues on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland

The first video shows a very spectacular greeting on Defender of the Fatherland Day, decorated in the form of short ditties.

In the second video, the ladies-employees congratulate the dear men with a beautiful, lyrical song in their own performance.

In the third clip, the incendiary dance and a good song are successfully combined.

Any of these greetings will be a great gift for men and will break, if not a standing ovation, then long and prolonged applause.

Funny, funny scenarios - how to congratulate men from February 23 at work

How to congratulate male colleagues at work on February 23, 2018: original scripts and skits

Our funny, funny scripts will tell you how to congratulate men on February 23 at work.We offer several successful, fun and optimistic options that are easy to adapt to any team. Repeating them is not necessary. It is better to use this information as the basis on which the event will be built.

Examples of cool scenarios for February 23 for congratulating male colleagues at work

  • Classic. In any group, regardless of its size and age composition, you can organize a holiday in honor of Defender of the Fatherland Day on the principle of a solemn concert. In the beginning, the management should give the floor, then the ladies-employees. A further program needs to be built as varied as possible so that participants do not get bored. Simple contests and quizzes will bring a touch of originality with small prizes for the winners, interspersed with fun songs and poems.
  • Military. This scenario requires the preparation of themed costumes, simple decorations and props. An office or a rest room should be redone under the medical board of the military registration and enlistment office. The ladies will play the roles of doctors, and the men will again turn into recruits, just about to join the military service, for a few hours.Forcing colleagues to push-ups or demonstrate the ability to disassemble the machine is not necessary. It is better to replace these positions with simple, accessible tasks that everyone can easily cope with. In the end, the stronger sex will need to reward with cute gifts, and then invite to a solemn buffet table.
  • Star Wars. A new and very progressive version of the scenario, describing the holding of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland in the future. The basis is appropriate to take the picture "Star Wars". To implement the plan, you will have to purchase green and red laser swords in the toy store, and decorate the room to match the interior of the space station. Men can split into teams and act as Jedi or Sith. For gambling, you need to prepare some interesting tasks and invite participants to perform them. Colleagues with great pleasure will take part in this game and demonstrate their artistic, creative and poetic song talents.

All scenarios are good in their own way and allow you to have the most beautiful, courageous holiday at work in a fun, bright and unusual way.

Original costumed scenes, how to congratulate men from February 23 at work

How to congratulate male colleagues at work on February 23, 2018: original scripts and skits

To think about how to congratulate men from February 23 at work, you need 2-3 weeks before the holiday. This time is enough to create a suitable scenario for the solemn event and add unusual, bold numbers to it. It is highly advisable to rehearse a few original costumed scenes and play them on a corporate party day right in front of the buffet table. This will raise the mood of colleagues and create a relaxed, relaxed and truly festive atmosphere around.

Examples of original scenes in honor of February 23 video

The video shows an interesting and unusual festive production, made on the basis of the classic poem by Alexander Pushkin “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”. The words are adapted to the modern theme and sound fun and optimistic. You can play the scene even in a small room that does not have a separate place for performances. Sophisticated costumes and decorations are not needed. Everything you need can be done by hand. The main important point is to select for the leading roles employees with good diction, the ability to memorize a large number of poetic text and primary artistic skills.Then the scene will turn out bright, colorful, unusual and will be remembered for a long time by the participants, the initiators of the celebration, and invited guests.

Very interesting, fun and extraordinary looks on a military theme. Its feature and chip consist in the fact that the main character of a male - a brave officer with a thick mustache - is played by a lady. It is this moment that gives the production a special coloring and a pronounced humorous tone. There are no clear rules for staging. It can easily be optimized for a particular company or company. After the improvements of such a plan, it will turn into a unique number and give all the participants and attendees a lot of positive emotions.

In a funny miniature scene, the actual topic of women's competition is raised, but it is played in the style of "military" and causes only genuine laughter.

And if the ladies-artists will try and put the maximum of charm into the game, the scene turns out to be unusually colorful and will make a pleasant impression on everyone.

How to originally congratulate men on February 23 at work - examples of texts in verses

How to congratulate male colleagues at work on February 23, 2018: original scripts and skits

If you have not yet decided how to congratulate the original men at work on February 23, we recommend that you pay attention to the collection of texts in verses presented on our website.We have included the most joyful, optimistic and bravura rhymed works dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day. You only need to choose the most successful text, download it to your gadget and think over how and when to present the poem to the strong half of the team.

The simplest option is to write a few rhymed lines on a themed postcard, add 2-3 warm, beautiful wishes and hand them to all men during a festive meeting or corporate party. A strong floor will be very pleased and complimentary to read kind, optimistic rhymes and once again be convinced of love and respect from the female half of the team.

If there is a desire to make the process of congratulation more original, you can choose several cheerful, cheerful and joyful poems, memorize them by heart, and then recite aloud the culprits of the celebration. This method of submission will be met with enthusiasm and will be remembered for a long time by the whole team from the best side.

Variants of the original texts in verses for congratulating colleagues on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland

Our glorious men,

Congratulations from the heart!

Be merry, loved -

We need protectors!


Let your salary grow,

Life will always be full

There will be order in matters!

From February 23!


My dear colleagues,

Today I congratulate you.

From February 23

Mark well wish.


You are all gorgeous men,

To be near you is a dream.

Plays in you courage, courage,

Most tenderness, beauty!


Calendars do not lie, and now the hour has struck

Congratulate those people with whom we work hard.

We wither and die, men, we are without you,

After all, even the globe of the earth at your will turns!


And though February is sullen and the wind sends in the face,

He will not break courage, honor, conscience ...

Let the desire not be for you to be a fighter

And feel like the hero of someone's story!


Happy holiday, colleagues,

Today we want to congratulate

February, 23 for us -

Day of real men.


Faithful, reliable and strong,

Such as into fire and into water

Such that will help, save,

They will come on the first call.


Peace in the home, in the family, in the country

On your shoulders,

Soldiers you were born

To protect life on Earth.


Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, colleagues,

Let the incredible success await you

At work and, of course, in personal life.

And in the service of his native Motherland.


And we wish courage and strength,

To women quietly with you.

Easily troubleshoot routine problems

Be worthy of the title "Man"!

Beautiful congratulations in your own words on February 23 for men at work

How to congratulate male colleagues at work on February 23, 2018: original scripts and skits

Very touching and beautiful congratulations in your own words from February 23 for men at work need to be prepared in advance. Text variants suitable for this case can be downloaded for free from our website. If you greet with a wonderful holiday, it is necessary for many colleagues, it is appropriate to order a small batch of identical cards in the printing house, then hand-sign them and present the male part of the team at the time of the celebration or corporate party.

If you want to show creativity and please your colleagues with something unusual, you should print thematic good inscriptions on a color printer, and then decorate an office room, a rest room or a corridor with them. This will create a pleasant, joyful atmosphere at work and will set everyone present in a vigorous, optimistic mood.

Sincere and kind phrases downloaded from our website can be memorized and then recited to male colleagues aloud.Hearing good words and pleasant wishes from the ladies, the representatives of the strong half of humanity will be very flattered by such a manifestation of attention, and the situation in the team will become even more calm, friendly and conducive to trust.

Congratulations to male colleagues by February 23 in their own words

Dear our colleagues, irresistible men! Congratulations on the 23rd of February! We wish that your health does not fail you and remains strong and invincible! Cheerfulness of mind and body, beauty and perfection, love and understanding of you, kindness and warmth from family and friends! We wish you great success in work, inspiration and excitement, rich everyday life and merry weekends and holidays! And a high salary and love home!


From the bottom of my heart, I wish all the men with whom I was fortunate enough to share everyday work, professional and personal success, good health, strength of mind, care and understanding of loved ones, peace of mind and warmth of the hearth. And also worthy to wear the honorary title of a man!


Beloved colleagues and just loyal, reliable friends! With great joy we hasten to congratulate you on February 23 - with the day of the Russian army and real men.And our team consists of just such men! We wish you a peaceful sky above your heads, warm hugs and sincere smiles. Happy holiday!


I sincerely congratulate you, dear colleagues, on Defender of the Fatherland Day. I wish each of you not to lose courage and strength of mind, to remain in any scenario a reliable and courageous man, to believe in yourself and achieve all goals, to keep love in your heart, and happiness in your heart.


Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on the occasion of February 23rd. I wish all the brave forces and courage of the soul, courageous deeds and good luck, good health and inexhaustible enthusiasm, successful activity and personal good.

How to originally congratulate colleagues on February 23 in the office - short texts in prose

How to congratulate male colleagues at work on February 23, 2018: original scripts and skits

The question of how to congratulate male colleagues at work on February 23, the ladies begin to ask long before the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. They include in the script of the office holiday pleasant and original greetings in verse and prose, put funny sketches and prepare lovely, touching gifts. All this turns the solemn day into a bright, unusual and joyful event that stays in the heart for a long time and is remembered from the best side.

If there are a lot of men in the team, you can present them all beautiful holiday cards and supplement them with good wishes spoken in your own words. Of course, such a greeting is not original, but rather belongs to the classics, but this does not detract from its merits. After all, sincerity and openness belong to qualities that are valued at all times and always find a response in the soul of even very reserved men who are not inclined to sentiment.

When only one woman works in a team, on February 23 it becomes a real test for her. She herself has to think about how to draw up a congratulation and not pay attention to any of her colleagues. For such a case, you can use the virtual method of greeting and send good words to each colleague on your phone, smartphone or office computer.

If there is a desire to make a creative gift for the men's team, it is worthwhile to collect photos of all the men working side by side, stick them on a large sheet of paper paper, and write a few holiday greetings under the image with your hand. On February 23, an improvised wall newspaper should be hung on the central wall of the office or placed in a rest room.Seeing such an unusual holiday greeting, the representatives of the stronger sex will be delighted and will thank their only lady for a unique greeting.

Examples of texts in prose to congratulate on February 23 colleagues

Dear men! On behalf of the female half of our team, I congratulate you on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland! I wish you pep, excellent health, warmth and comfort in families! You are our reliable rear: bold, selfless, loyal! I wish that the fighting qualities were never useful in your life, and we, the women, will be proud of you in peacetime!


Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day you colleagues! On this day, I want to once again congratulate all the men who are on the defense of our country, and sincerely thank our grandfathers for giving us this opportunity! May peace and prosperity always reign in your homes, and our great fatherland will always be under your reliable protection!


Dear men, colleagues, from February 23! Be invincible, strong, lucky, healthy. Let any obstacles submit to you, the difficulties recede, and affairs are solved easily. Energy to you, patience, family well-being and financial heights.


Our dear men, even if you are not in combat, on the border or in the headquarters of our army, on the day of the Defender of the Fatherland, words of gratitude should be addressed to you as well. By your presence in the team, you give us, women, a feeling of warmth and security that sometimes we may not experience at home. So let this holiday be just another reason to please you and wish you happiness and success.


Dear colleagues, we are happy that our friendly team is represented by really real men. May there always remain with you courage, strong will, the ability to find the right solutions. We wish you happiness, spiritual and material well-being.

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