How to close the compote of apricots for the winter - photo recipe

How to close a compote of apricots for the winter

How to close a compote of apricots for the winter

Apricot is an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C, strengthens the heart muscle and improves lipid metabolism, is an excellent proven preventive tool for the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract.


In the summer, starting from the first days, you can enjoy fresh bright orange flesh, but you should also think about the long cold months to be fully armed with the fight against beriberi and prepare apricots for this purpose for the winter.


In addition, it is a very useful product - apricot pieces are amazingly tasty. From it you can make wonderful jams, jam, confitures, pastille, marmalade, apricot compote, puree, fragrant apricot, Abricotin and juice. In addition, apricot can be dried quite easily in the form of dried apricot (with a stone) and dried apricots (without a stone).


Have some patience and take care of these preparations.This is most relevant in those cases if you own your own garden and you need to think about preserving the harvest.


It's so nice to please your loved ones with a piece of sweet summer sun from a can!


Technology of preparation and preservation of apricot compotes


To choose from a variety of proposed recipes, you need to understand which technology is the most optimal for you personally.


Most housewives hope that their blanks will be useful, tasty and will have all the properties that allow you to safely store preservation, so they choose sterilization as their main technological method.


Apricot compote (with sterilization)


Apricots, which are intended for the preparation of winter compote, must retain a certain firmness, but at the same time be sufficiently ripe. Because when using unripe apricots, the resulting compote will have a tart and bitter taste, and if over-ripe fruits are used, we will have an unappetizing mass that has collapsed during sterilization, instead of a delicious dessert.


How to close a compote of apricots for the winter


How to close a compote of apricots for the winter


How to close a compote of apricots for the winter


How to close a compote of apricots for the winter


Apricots need to be washed, gently remove the bone, making an incision along the groove, tightly put in pre-sterilized jars of suitable sizes for your family and pour the fruit in boiling forty percent sugar (400 g. Granulated sugar per liter of water) with syrup.


Banks need to be quickly rolled up and sterilized: for half-liter cans it will take fifteen minutes, for one-liter jets - twenty-twenty-five minutes, and for three-liter jars - forty-five to fifty minutes. At the end of the sterilization, all the jars with compote should be wiped dry and turned upside down, after being wrapped in a warm cloth. When the cans with compote cool down, they can be stored in any cool place, but nothing bad will happen and with the usual storage in the kitchen cupboard or pantry.


Compot apricot (without sterilization)


This recipe depends on the degree of laziness hostess. Some people manage to keep the compotes they prepare by pouring boiling water from an electric kettle into apricot broken into halves (from 400 grams and more) and sugar (from 200 to 400 grams), from 2 grams. citric acid, which is closed in preheated in the oven three-liter cans (sometimes with the same purpose use a microwave oven).


But others share their unsuccessful experience with such rapid technology, lamenting the apricot's capriciousness, and returning to proven sterilization.


Mixes are a great idea when compliments are added to apricot compotes, giving new notes: peaches, currants, oranges and other fragrant fruits.

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