How to clean suede shoes - the best ways and means

The attractiveness of suede products is often judged to be of secondary importance, because thoughts about the future problematic cleaning of a new pair of shoes from noble material come to the fore. In this sense, light models of fashionable upgrades are especially frightening. However, it is much easier to clean suede shoes at home than it seems.

Luxurious in appearance, the material is easily spoiled by water, so you can only clean it with dry methods. Wet material makes it tough and rough. Careful handling of suede will allow for a long time to keep an attractive appearance, for this you need only a little to replenish the luggage of knowledge of domestic areas.

Suede cleaning tools

To care for shoes from the material in question, buy a special double-sided brush. With its help, it will be possible to restore the presentable look. A quality tool should include:

  • Metal teeth to remove dried dirt.
  • Synthetic or natural bristles. Helps in dry and wet cleaning.
  • Low rubber or rubber spikes for raising the pile.
  • Side wheel to clean the welt and remove dirt from the seams.

A brush with a rounded tip will easily remove stains, remove dust, grease, dirt. This is done on the dried product. Alternative to the special brush: tooth or clothing, new stationery eraser.

Chemical cleaners for suede shoes

Stylish suede boots

Specially formulated formulations in the form of a spray or foam quickly remove impurities from suede shoes. It is easy to use them, but not always safely and effectively, if an unsuitable product is chosen or the purchased cleaner is used incorrectly. If the first time failed to achieve the expected result, repeating the procedure will help without harm to the product being cleaned.

Please note that most of the products sold are designed to remove fresh stains. Such cleaners do not cope well with old dirt, stubborn dirt, stuck grains of sand. They also provoke a strong wetting of the product, which requires additional gentle drying.

Folk ways to restore suede

A piece of suede leather

Before removing the dirt, clean the shoes from dust with a special brush. It is better to use crepe - it performs the task more delicately, returns velvety. If the product gets wet, first dry it, so as not to smudge the stain to large sizes. Then remove the dirt with a brush, if necessary, blot the contamination with a damp cloth.

  • Soap solution with a few drops of ammonia. The mixture is applied to the contamination with a sponge, then removed with a dry cloth. The cleaned area is wiped with a weak acetic solution (1 tsp. Of vinegar per 1 liter of water).

ATTENTION:soap should be without bleaching and biological additives

  • Old stains are removed with liquid ammonia and starch mixed in equal proportions. The resulting mass is applied to pollution and wait for drying. After the treated area with a stain with a soft brush. This will help fix the problem and restore the structure of the villi.
  • Salt stains are removed using table vinegar. Dampen a brush or sponge in it, then gently clean the contaminated areas. Remove the remains of salt with a dry brush after a full drying of the material.
  • The shaded areas are subject to restoration of the pile structure through steam procedures. Hold the shoes over boiling water or in front of the steam generator for no more than 5 minutes, avoiding disintegration of suede. After villus delicately raised with a brush. Alternative: rub the stain with salt, then brush it.
  • Grease stains are removed with gasoline. Gently blot the stain with gauze soaked in it and leave to dry.

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The rules of cleaning suede shoes

Photos of suede shoes

Using the above recipes, consider the color of the shoes, so as not to aggravate the situation. If you had to use water to remove the stain, collect excess moisture with clean napkins and towels. If creases have formed, steam off the shoes in an affordable way, then restore the pile with a stiff brush.

Shoe shoes light shades

When purchasing special products to remove stains from white, cream, peach suede shoes, be careful. You must select a composition whose ingredients are not able to affect the color of the material being processed. To test, apply it to the area on the inside.If the shoes are made of light suede, dry it on a clean towel.

  1. Dirt and grease stains are removed with a mixture of 100 ml skim milk and 0.5 tbsp. l. soda / 10 ml of ammonia. Using a sponge, brush or brush, moistened in a mixture, gently wipe the place of contamination. Finish cleaning by gently blotting the place of the former spot with a cotton disc moistened in water. Alternative: table vinegar, slightly diluted with water.
  2. Old stains on light shoes are removed with a mixture of turpentine, talc, magnesia, taken in equal proportions. Pre-pollution is treated with warm skimmed milk.
  3. The method of dry cleaning against greasy stains implies the use of talc, baby powder, tooth powder, starch or crushed chalk. These compounds are excellent in absorbing fat, if left on a problem site for several hours, and then removed with a brush.
  4. Use the crumb of white bread to remove fresh stains. Do not rub hard - noticeably damage the structure of the pile.

Shoe colored and black suede shoes

In the purification of colored shoes is important aggressiveness of the acquired funds. Carefully read the instructions, appointment, check the composition on the inner section of the product.If you need to restore the shaded area of ​​suede on a dark brown pair of shoes at home, instead of steam it is permissible to use coffee grounds. It moistened brush, which is then processed the desired area. After drying, remove the coffee grains with a dry brush.

It is easy to remove dirty stains from dark suede shoes with black or rye bread. Take a dry hump and rub it with a place of pollution.

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Black suede can be repaired with a typewriter tape. Grease stains are removed with delicate lotions with a cotton pad dipped in gasoline. Fine sandpaper also removes blemishes and repairs lint.

Care for soaked suede

No one is immune from being hit by rain in suede shoes. If you do not use a water-repellent spray, your shoes will probably get wet through. Remember, it is unacceptable to clean products from this material in the wet. Follow the instructions.

  1. Fill your shoes with paper so that it does not deform during drying. If the product is made of light suede, take a clean paper, in any case, not a newspaper!
  2. Dry away from radiators, sources of intense heat. Periodically change the filler, which will absorb moisture. If you put shoes on the battery, there may be deformation of the material, damage to the sole (it may burst).
  3. Clean dirt and stains with a special brush.

Helpful Tips

Suede Decoration

Compliance with simple recommendations will allow you to wear your favorite pair of suede shoes for a long time /

  • Moisture is the primary enemy of suede products. To avoid getting wet, treat your shoes with a water-repellent spray and a special brush immediately after purchase. It is recommended to repeat the procedure three times after the next drying impregnation. The tool forms a transparent film that protects against water and street dirt, makes the material more elastic. Even if it will be possible to contaminate the suede after pre-treatment, it will be much easier to clean with an aerosol.
  • Spots should be removed as soon as possible.
  • Pollution of any origin, remove without full washing, because suede is "afraid" of moisture. Dot the spot with the selected compound, then blot it dry.
  • Keep the brush clean. Light suede is easily dirty with a dirty tool.Using a brush, drive it in one direction, so as not to smear pollution and not create a scuff.
  • Color restoration is carried out with the help of special creams and spray paints. The choice of shade is the most crucial moment in this process. Check the paint on the inside. Replace the desired shade close on the tone should not be - ruin your shoes.
  • Storage outside the season implies thorough cleaning. Put shoes in the closet, filling with paper or inserting special pads to maintain shape.

Suede differs from the skin of less practicality and greater fastidiousness. At the same time it is soft, comfortable, takes the shape of a leg. Rapid loss of a presentable appearance due to improper care. Use the recommendations received, and the shoes will last not one season, delighting with a chic look.

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