How to choose whom to invite to your wedding?

Wedding is a very important event, in preparation for which you need to take into account many details. One of them is the guest list. And how to make it right?

What is guided by making the guest list?

So, what should be considered when making a guest list?

  • The scale of the celebration. If only the official part is planned, that is, registration, then only the closest ones should be invited to it. If you want to arrange a grandiose celebration, then you can afford to "make out" by calling those whom you would like to see.
  • Wedding budget. Unfortunately, this factor is very important, so if "finances sing romances", then the list of guests will have to be significantly reduced.
  • Relationships and guest relationships. Yes, and they also should be considered. For example, if you know that some of your relatives are very hostile with others, then you should either call only one side that you think is closer, or do not call anyone. This may seem like a tough measure, but it will allow you to avoid fights and disagreements, which, by the way, can ruin the mood for both other guests and newlyweds.
  • Personal preferences.To invite to a wedding is only that whom you want to see, because this holiday is organized in your honor.
  • The preferences of the groom, too, certainly need to be considered, because he is no less important a hero of the occasion.

Who to invite?

So who should be invited?

  • Parents. They, undoubtedly, should attend the wedding, as they are the closest people to the newlyweds.
  • Godparents. They are second parents, so they must also attend the wedding.
  • Relatives, both from the groom and the bride. But it is worth inviting only close relatives who you know well and with whom you are in close contact.
  • Parents friends. This item is quite controversial. Yes, parents probably will want to see their close friends, because they really want to share such joy as the wedding of their beloved child. And if you know these people well, then why not call them? Agree with parents. If you have seen such friends only once or twice, then it is better not to invite them.
  • Colleagues, classmates. It’s not at all necessary to call them, but if among them there are those whom you want to see, then boldly include them in the list.

Who not to invite?

Who should not call for the wedding?

  • Distant relatives with whom you do not communicate and who are practically not seen in the conscious age. It is just no good.
  • New or so-called "cap" friends who you know not so well. Firstly, for you they are not close, and secondly, they will definitely not be offended if they are not on the list of invitees. And, thirdly, you cannot be confident in them and guarantee that they will not arrange a riot or scuffle at the celebration.
  • Former beloved. Even if you managed to maintain good relations with them, it is unlikely that your second half will be pleased to see those with whom you were close.
  • You should not call to the wedding and those whom you simply do not want to see at this event. Even if the reasons for such reluctance seem stupid, the newlyweds should feel comfortable at such an important celebration.

How to invite?

How to invite to the wedding? The best option is invitations. First, they will be a symbol of respect, esteem and sincere intentions, as their names are indicated on them. Secondly, because of their forgetfulness and absent-mindedness, guests will not have to specify the place and time of the event several times, because all the important data will be indicated in the invitation.And, thirdly, using invitations, you can always know who you have already called, and who you haven't.

In the invitations, be sure to include the full names of the guests and refer to them with the word "Dear (s)". Do not forget to indicate the occasion of the celebration, the place where it will take place, as well as the date.

If there are any additional wishes or requirements (for example, in the case of a themed wedding, all those present should be dressed appropriately), then note this. It is best to order invitations from a company specializing in this company and hand them personally into the hands (they may simply not be reached by mail).

If there is no opportunity to order and deliver personally the invitation due to lack of money or time, then you can simply call everyone. But then be prepared for the fact that guests can specify the date and address.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations:

  1. Do not send invitations until the list is finally approved.
  2. Be sure to consult your future husband, because the wedding is a celebration, the main culprits of which are just the newlyweds.And if the bridegroom, for example, does not want to see your girlfriend, then you will have to take his opinion into account, explaining with your girlfriend (if she is real, she will understand and accept everything). And yet if the reluctance to see someone has no reason and is a whim, defend your point of view and try to explain that the person you are planning to invite is very dear to you, and without it the triumph will not bring joy.
  3. You should not tell about your wedding to everyone, so as not to put yourself in an awkward position in front of those whom you do not plan to invite to the event.
  4. If parents are trying to put pressure on you and literally force you to invite guests whom you didn’t plan to call and, in general, don’t want to see at the celebration, then explain this directly, but rather gently. For example, focus on the fact that a wedding is a holiday for newlyweds, not parents and not guests at all.
  5. If parents really want to invite someone, and the newlyweds, in principle, do not mind, but everything depends only on money, then just say so. Probably, Dad and Mom will offer to pay for additional seats.
  6. It is worth remembering that the number of guests on both sides should be about the same, this will avoid insults and misunderstanding. But there are some exceptions.For example, the condition may not be met if the bride or the groom is an orphan, or someone from the newlyweds came from another city, in which most of his relatives, friends and relatives are left.
  7. No need to invite only out of a sense of politeness. First, it can cause discomfort to the newlyweds (if they do not know the guest or do not really want to see). Secondly, the guest himself may feel “not at ease”.
  8. About a week before the event, call all the guests to clarify whether everyone can come and, if necessary, make adjustments to the list.

Now you can safely begin to compile a list.

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