How to choose the type of tree for construction

Needles - the queen of construction

Most often in low-rise construction conifers are used. They have high strength with relative lightness. In addition, properly treated needles have a record durability, reaching 100 years of operation. For these competitive advantages, conifers have practically supplanted hardwood from the building materials market.

One of the most popular types of wood for individual housing construction is pine, the main advantage of which is a high-density log house. Due to this, the house of pine has high sound and thermal insulation properties. In the summer, coolness is created in such a dwelling, and in the winter - heat. This in no way means that the house can do without a heating system, but it is possible to save a lot on energy resources during the operation.

In addition, pine is a little susceptible to rotting and other environmental influences.During construction, it practically does not shrink, so you can move into a dwelling immediately after the completion of construction.

Larch - the solution for harsh conditions

High rates of resistance to external influences are characteristic of larch. It is recommended to build houses of this type of wood in harsh climatic conditions. At the same time, the larch log cabin also has high rates of sound and heat insulation.

The negative quality of this breed is strong shrinkage, which is reflected in the timing of construction and the cost of additional work during operation.

Cedar rocks

High environmental performance characteristic of cedar. This breed combines density, ease of use, and increased durability. For all these qualities, the breed is primarily obliged to the special structure of the log house, which consists of tight-fitting fibers.

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