How to choose a tasty red caviar?

You may now be greatly surprised, but once upon a time red caviar was not some special dish or, as they say, a delicacy. Once, they ate it instead of bread, with spoons, and even dried it for long journeys, and the northern nationalities even fed it their dogs, because they were the only available means of transportation.

The first to harvest this product were the Japanese, and, a little later, the Russians, however, by their technology. Over time, this delicious product won the entire Russian and foreign markets, however, thanks to this popularity, red caviar during the Soviet years turned into a rarity and appeared on the tables only on holidays.

Queen of the New Year's table

Today, this product, although it continues to be considered a delicacy, and also has very impressive prices, is on the market in a wide range, everyone, if desired, can afford to eat a healthy fish product.

But, if we even buy such a product, then naturally I want it to be of high quality and meet all generally accepted standards.How to do it? How to choose red caviar so that it is not just tasty, but also useful? To do this, it is necessary to understand a little about its types, technologies of preparation and, naturally, to understand some external features.

Red caviar. Kinds and useful properties

To begin with, let's see where all this valuable and incredibly tasty product comes from. All the red caviar comes to us from the cold waters of the Far East, exactly there, on Sakhalin and Kamchatka, there is a special kind of salmon fish.

These include salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, sockeye salmon and chinook salmon, they can meet the same caviar with a remarkable red tint. True, in shades it may differ slightly - from light orange to dark red.


By the way, many consumers have an incomprehensible prejudice - if caviar was not produced exactly in those parts, then it has no right to be called real and, even more so, qualitative. This is not true: during the Putin season, many large producer companies purchase fresh salted caviar, transport it in special blocks to the production sites, and then pack it in separate containers.

Therefore, even if caviar was packaged precisely in the habitats of red fish, this is not yet a guarantee of its quality. Many customers are surprised, and another fact: every time buying this product from the same manufacturer, caviar can still be very different in taste from a previous purchase.

It is also not surprising, because it is a natural and very moody product that even purely from its physical properties, can not always be the same. But still, there are some nuances here.

Classic combination

But still, before knowing all the subtleties of choosing such a delicacy, I would like to understand what is useful for red caviar? For quite a long time with the help of medical studies have shown that this product is able to bring enormous benefits to the human body, because it is red caviar is truly a valuable food product.

It comprises a huge number of digestible macro- and microelements, vitamins A, D, and E, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids, folic acid and iodine required for full development and functioning of the human organism.

It is recommended to use for cancer,to restore vision and immunity, improve metabolism and prevent aging, especially it is useful for people suffering from atherosclerosis and vascular diseases.

How to choose caviar?

In order for this product to bring only benefits, you need to beware of imitations that not only will not please you with a pleasant natural taste, but also can harm your body, because they often use prohibited preservatives and additives designed to extend the shelf life of such a valuable product.

This caviar is mined from freshly caught fish, it is very important, because if it lays down, then it will not be possible to achieve a special taste. After that, it is immediately salted, it is believed that this is the real red caviar, which was caught during spawning (August) and immediately salted, after a few hours you can already eat it.

Pancake stuffing

Of course, to try such a product is not given to everyone, for everyone else who does not live in the Far East, part of the caviar, which is intended for further sale, canned in large containers, which are subsequently filled with preservatives.

This is done so that the delicacy can extend its shelf life at least several times, since without them the caviar will be permissible for consumption only for 4 months.

The most common ways of packing are glass and tin cans. It is considered the most expensive caviar, packaged in glass, because there is every grain in sight, in tin cans, it usually looks much inferior, but this does not mean that the product is not of high quality.

Some important tips

Selected grains

  • If possible, it is better to buy loose red caviar, because it is stored for a short time, and, therefore, there are no preservatives in it. You can evaluate its appearance - all the grains should be about the same size and color, not stuck together and not dry, make sure that the total mass does not contain broken and weathered grains. Such features indicate a prolonged contact of the product with air, which adversely affect its taste.
  • When buying caviar in a transparent jar - also pay attention to the appearance of the eggs, assess the presence of sludge in the jar (liquid), it should not be there at all. In a tin jar with this, of course, more difficult, but there is a way to check: just shake it well, in high-quality packaging you should not feel any movement of the contents.
  • It may sound strange, but another determining factor is the price. As we have said, red caviar is a delicacy product, which means that, by definition, it cannot be cheap.
  • Products that are harvested according to GOST cause more confidence than their counterparts, harvested according to specifications.
  • Twist the jar in your hands: it should not be deformed or bloated, be sure to find the expiration date. On cans, it should be knocked out exactly from the inside, it will be proof that it was not opened and not processed again.
  • The bank must indicate the composition, the manufacturer's number, the index of the fishing industry and the type of fish from which the caviar was prepared.

And the last thing: you shouldn’t raise the question of what to make from such a delicious product, because it is preferred not to spoil it. The most common combination is a loaf with butter, sprinkled with caviar.

Nutritionists argue that the most appropriate combination is the following: a handful of eggs laid out on a slice of fresh cucumber. Bon Appetit!

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