How to choose and properly wear a brooch?

Brooch is an elegant and refined accessory that can turn any girl or woman into a real lady. But to create an ideal image, you need to learn how to choose and wear such an ornament.

Variety of options: how to make the right choice?

How to choose a beautiful and fashionable brooch? Pay attention to such moments as:

  • View brooches. There are several types of jewelry. The first was used in ancient times and was called a brooch. Such an adornment has a decorative base and a needle mount passing through it. Agrafs appeared in the Middle Ages, looked like hairpins and were used to fix collars (later they began to serve as hair accessories). Sevigne is practically the ancestor of modern brooches. Such an accessory necessarily has ribbons (usually tied in a bow) and a beautiful pendant. A cameo is a decoration with a bas-relief above the surface decor in the form of an image or three-dimensional pattern. Intalia has an in-depth relief.
  • Execution.Brooches can be decorated with rhinestones, semi-precious and precious stones, ribbons, various metals in the form of inserts or openwork elements, enamel, chains and many other elements used alone or combined with each other. In addition, the accessory can be made in the form of a flower, bird, insect, animal, silhouette, and so on.
  • Material. Modern accessories are made of metals, plastic, polymer clay, wood, stones, textile materials (felt, felt, leather), beads.
  • Mounting method. There are brooches, hairpins, needles and pins. The first practically do not damage the fabric, the latter are comfortable to wear and securely fixed. Brooches-needles can injure the skin, so they are recommended to wear only on accessories or outerwear.
  • Design. It must fully fit your image. For example, an intaglio or cameo goes well with discreet evening wear. If you chose a luxurious evening dress, then complement it with a brooch of precious or semi-precious stones. A sparkling accessory with rhinestones will complement the cocktail dress.Wooden or enamelled brooch will organically fit into retro and boho styles. A simple metal ornament with low-key and small elements will complement the casual image of casual.
  • Your age. If a girl is allowed to wear frivolous and somewhat mischievous brooches that have a creative execution, then a woman should pay attention to the elegant and elegant, corresponding to the status.
  • Your style. Brooch should fit into it organically and complement the image.
  • Colour. His choice depends on your goals. So, to emphasize the natural beauty, you can choose a brooch to match the eyes or hair. And to be interesting to beat the outfit, consider its color. The accessory may refer to the same range, but differ by several tones. You can choose a shade that blends harmoniously with the outfit. And to create a bright accent, use contrasting colors that will stand out from the crowd.
  • Happening. If you choose a brooch for every day, then pay attention to small and not very flashy accessories. For special occasions, choose a luxurious and elegant decoration.

How and with what to combine?

How to wear a brooch? You can wear it with almost any item of clothing. Consider some good ideas:

  1. On a blouse or shirt, the accessory can be worn under a fully fastened collar or on one of its sides.
  2. Combine brooches with jackets, coats, jackets and blazers. The jewel can be placed on one of the floor items, on a breast patch pocket, collar, lapel, or just on the side, approximately on the chest or on it.
  3. Feel free to wear a brooch on the dress. You can wear it near the shoulder strap or on it, at the lower point of the neckline, at the back at the edge of the neckline or above the simple buckle, at the junction of drapery elements or at the waist.
  4. Modern brooches can be worn on youthful things: pullovers, tops, T-shirts, sweat shirts, jumpers. Location options weight: under the neck, from one of the sides almost at the sleeve, at the bottom.
  5. It is fashionable to wear brooches on accessories, complementing them, transforming and decorating. So, the jewelry can be put on a simple strap, a hat (over the fields or on them, if they are wide and bent up), a handbag or clutch, shoes, a turban. You can also stab a stole, a scarf or a scarf.

Tip: The real trend of the season is two identical brooches symmetrically located on the same thing.This technique will make the image more modern, stylish and original.

General rules and important nuances

Finally, there are several basic rules and nuances of choosing and wearing brooches:

  • Miniature representatives of the fair sex should choose small brooches, and ladies with appetizing forms - larger ones. If this rule is not followed, the contrast of the decoration and the body will create a feeling of disproportion or emphasize the shortcomings.
  • Mount the brooch in the area to which you want to draw attention. And if, on the contrary, it is necessary to make some zone less noticeable, then remove the decoration from it as much as possible.
  • The accessory can be located on either side, but there should not be any extra details on it.
  • Brooch can be combined with other accessories, but deliberately. First, they must be of the same style and have a similar design and matching colors. Secondly, the accessories can not be much, otherwise the image will seem overloaded and ridiculous. And, thirdly, other decorations should not be too large and catchy: it's better to focus on brooches and highlight it.
  • The brooch can not completely coincide with the color of the thing on which it is located, otherwise it will simply merge with the clothes and remain unnoticed.
  • It is not recommended to wear such jewelry with complex and richly decorated things. It is better to wear them with elegant and concise clothes without unnecessary details.
  • With the help of the brooch, you can emphasize the merits and mask some of the flaws. So, if you select an elongated accessory and position it vertically, you can visually increase growth and give a silhouette harmony. A large brooch of complex shape will add volume to the zone in which it will be located. And if, on the contrary, you need to reduce the size, then choose a miniature decoration.
  • If you can not make a choice, study the examples in the photo and highlight the features that you like.

If you do not have a brooch, then be sure to purchase it and create stylish and elegant images with the help of such jewelry.

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