How to choose and properly boil the oil for deep-frying?

Even people far from cooking know the word "deep fryer". Its sound hints at the French origin of the name of the process of frying various products in the oil layer, although the very method of cooking using a large amount of red-hot fat has been known for a long time, since the times of Ancient Rome.

In China, this method of cooking has long been used, and in Japan, which adopted knowledge from Portuguese travelers, and gave the process its name “tempura”. In Russia, this method was called “tension”, and the very concept of deep-fat got stuck in the art of cooking in the eighteenth century, along with new fashion trends borrowed from Europe.

Now it is one of the most used techniques, allowing you to quickly cook tasty and appetizing-looking food. It is in demand catering outlets around the world and is an integral part of fast food. Oil for frying is a mixture of fats, heated at the desired temperature, for subsequent placement of various products into it.

Cooking and eating

There are gourmet dishes that are deep-fried and served in elite restaurants. But this method is more suitable for small cafes, where customer service takes little time. In professional kitchens, fryers are used - specially created devices in the form of tureens, in which oil is constantly quietly boiling in large quantities, sufficient to immerse the whole product.

It can be used less, but with regular overturning of the prepared ingredients, for uniform roasting and readiness. For ease of use of the deep fat fryer in the preparation of finely chopped vegetables (for example, french fries), it is equipped with a grid. She, along with cutting, is dipped into the mixture, getting a uniform crisp on the pieces of food.

There are domestic deep fryers from successful manufacturers of household appliances that make life easier for housewives. In principle, if you want, you can get by using a high pot if you want to use this cooking method. And he, by the way, allows you to cook a huge variety of products.

The principle of cooking

Prepare the products, the oil is poured into a container in sufficient quantity and heated. It should retain transparency and, preferably, color.To find out how much time to boil it, you can from the instructions to the device. Usually the desired temperature is reached in ten to twenty minutes. Refined oil does not require calcination.

What can you cook deep-fried:

  • fish;
  • meat;
  • vegetables;
  • flour products.

Compliance with the temperature regime is an important component of the process of cooking. If the device is not warmed up enough, the food turns out to be excessively greasy, and in the opposite case, it can be damp inside, if there is a rosy crust from the outside.

How to check the readiness of oil for immersion products? For this, there are small culinary tricks. For example, if you throw a ball of dough into the boiling medium, then by the presence of bubbles and their activity, one can judge the degree of heating of the container. The higher the temperature, the more active the formation of bubbles.

Ingredients are lowered into the fryer with a spoon gradually, in parts. Their cooking time depends on the product used and ranges from two to twelve minutes. The finished product is removed to a colander, allowing the excess fat to drain off, or spread on paper towels.

The food is attractive, ruddy and appetizing. The whole process takes little time, which is convenient with a tight schedule or lack of free time.

The oil is used repeatedly, periodically filtering from the suspension, and pouring again. The universal composition of the working mixture includes:

  • pork lard 30%;
  • beef tallow 30%;
  • vegetable product 40%.

Additive from ghee (up to 5%) will give this mixture an aroma and a pleasant aftertaste. Which oil is suitable for a particular case depends on the nature of the product. Practice shows that at present, cooks prefer one of the vegetable oils in its pure form for any recipes, so as not to spoil the taste of food by incorrectly chosen proportions in the mixture.

Principles of choice

How to choose the right oil for deep-frying to cook a tasty and healthy dish? It may be of a different type, but it must be refined so that the taste of the product does not suffer during frying, and the burning impurities do not harm health.

Unrefined product contaminates the device and loses its taste and aromatic qualities. Also not recommended to use a mixture with a high content of poly-saturated fatty acids, burning cream and margarine.

Can be used:

  1. Olive.But it is very expensive to use in large quantities, so in public catering, except for expensive restaurants, for deep-frying is not used.
  2. Palm. It is the cheapest and most common herbal product, making the ingredients of the dishes crisp and melting in the mouth. It is ideal for dough products and helps to increase the shelf life of products due to low oxidation.
  3. Animal fats. They are supplemented with ghee, giving taste, and are actively used for meat dishes. Sometimes the product is flavored with the addition of quince and apples, or vodka, in order to avoid fatty aftertaste and odor.
  4. Professional oil, which is used in the network of restaurants. It is sold in specialized outlets and has a long lifespan (five times longer than usual). It is a product of a transparent consistency, not endowed with taste and smell, capable of heating up to two hundred and twenty degrees. Its slow consumption is economical, in comparison with the ordinary vegetable product. The output is uniformly fried, not dry food.

When to make a replacement?

How often to change the oil in the fryer know the culinary professionals.They advise doing this every time at the end of the process. Its repeated use leads to deterioration, the appearance of bitter taste and odor, an increase in the amount of harmful substances - carcinogens.

Catering establishments should change the oil on schedule, but often resort to simple straining. The safe use of such food depends only on adherence to technological processes and correct temperature regimes.

Medical workers and nutritionists do not advise to abuse foods cooked in deep fat, classifying them as harmful to the body, especially children. But the appetizing type of food and its taste do not leave anyone indifferent. More and more fans of this method appear in connection with the increase in the network of fast food restaurants and the increase in incomes of families who have the opportunity to purchase a fryer for home use.

The presence of a household appliance allows you to feast on food prepared independently from high-quality products and good disposable oil.

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