How to choose a click clipper sofa?

If you choose a modern and comfortable sofa, pay attention to click-klyak models. Learn all the features and subtleties of choice to make a successful purchase.

Features of the mechanism

The click-dub sofa resembles an eurobook, because it unfolds in the same way. But the model is more modern and comfortable, which is explained by the presence of three available back positions: sitting (perpendicular to the seat), lying (horizontal) and half-sitting or half-lying (with a 45-degree tilt). And the name of the mechanism received for the characteristic sounds produced when changing positions.

Let's consider the main advantages of the click-cliches sofas:

  • Aesthetic, attractive and stylish look. Sofa exactly fit into the modern interior and take its rightful place.
  • Execution of several functions at once: organization of a comfortable sleeping area, provision of a comfortable area for relaxation and rest, and arrangement of a place to accommodate several people at family gatherings and reception of guests. And all positions are stable.
  • Relatively compact dimensions that will allow to place a piece of furniture in a small room.
  • Versatility. Sofa click-klyak suitable for the kitchen, children's room, living room, bedroom and even the hallway.
  • The most comfortable seat and back without knolls, dents and recesses. The mattress is made in the form of a single canvas and forms a flat surface when unfolding.
  • Comfort and ease of use. To fold and fold the sofa is simple, even a child can use it, if you choose a model with a high-quality modern mechanism.
  • A large assortment.


  • The risk of breaking the mechanism with active and inaccurate operation.
  • Pretty high cost (when compared with simpler and outdated models).
  • It is necessary to put a piece of furniture so that behind the back there is space for free unfolding.

What are the sofas?

All click-klyak sofas have one folding mechanism, so there are no fundamental differences and no classification. But there are children's models that differ in reduced size, bright various colors and ease of use.The young owner will be able to easily fold and fold the sofa thanks to high-quality fittings and a well-established mechanism for easy movement.

On sale there are sofas with armrests and without them. Such details will come in handy and will serve as limiters and protection against falls, if the piece of furniture will be used as a bed. For the kitchen, it is better to choose the option without armrests, so it was convenient for everyone to leave the table.

In furniture stores you can find models with orthopedic mattresses, and this sofa will completely replace the bed, but it will cost much more than usual.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose a fashionable and comfortable sofa with a click-klyak mechanism? When buying, several criteria are taken into account:

  1. What is a sofa for, what is its purpose? If it is designed to serve as a full-fledged sleeping place, then it makes sense to choose a model with an orthopedic mattress, resting on which, you can not only sit comfortably, but also take a physiologically correct body position. A useful addition is a laundry storage box. Sofa for guests or all family members, purchased in the living room, should be roomy. The child choose the safest and most convenient option.And for the kitchen, choose a model with a practical, non-marking and easy-to-care upholstery.
  2. Who will use the piece of furniture? If the child or the elderly person, then the model should be displayed and developed easily and almost without efforts. Let the future owner in the store try to change the position of the backrest several times in order to evaluate the mechanism in action.
  3. What is the area of ​​the room? Although the click-dam sofa itself is compact, it can have very impressive dimensions, especially in the unfolded state. If the room is small, choose a miniature model.
  4. How will this sofa look in the interior? It should fit into the design, so when buying, consider the color range of finishing materials and other pieces of furniture. Try to choose a model, designed in the same style in which the room is decorated. Moreover, the direction affects not only the colors, but also the shape and texture of the fabric.

Tip! When buying, carefully inspect and test your favorite models in action to compare them and make the right decision. Also appreciate the fittings and quality of the upholstery.

How to use the click-dam sofa for interior decoration?

Before you buy a sofa, think about how it will fit into the space of the room. Choose a place to place, take measurements to determine the dimensions. You can put a sofa near the wall, leaving room for folding. But this piece of furniture can be perpendicular to the wall and used for zoning. And you can put it in the center and make an interesting accent.

Complete the sofa with chairs on the sides or on the other side of the room that have similar soft forms. Spread the pillows to create a cozy atmosphere. And you can also choose a blanket that will protect the upholstery and refresh the interior.

Top manufacturers

High-quality click-klyak sofas are made by such Russian manufacturers as Shatura, Ascona, Mebel Holding, Anderssen, Rival. The Belarusian companies Laguna and Pinskdrev deserve attention. Under these brands various models are produced, among which you can find something worthy and suitable.

It remains only to choose the ideal click-dam sofa and use it to transform the interior and make the room cozy and comfortable.

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