How to choose a natural wig

The correct basis allows the wig of natural hair to sit firmly on the head. It is better if it is not solid, but is sewn from ribbons, then the scalp can “breathe” freely. With this basis, the hair is arranged in steps, the base itself is not visible, since the tiers overlap each other. Those wigs, which assume the presence of parting, should be provided with a special lining, imitating the skin.
If you want to parted in different places, choose monoparik, which is a lightweight version, made on the basis of a single fabric, which simulates the scalp. Such a wig is almost not felt on the head, but its price is quite high.
Each person's hair has a certain thickness, the amount of hair on the head is also individual. To not immediately noticed the substitution, choose a natural wig, closest to you on the texture and amount of hair.
Regarding color, choose a shade that is closest to your natural color. If your desire is to change the image, there are a number of rules for choosing a hair color for a wig in accordance with the color of your skin. With golden freckled skin, it is better to choose a wig, the hair color of which is close to the red-gold scale. Light skin looks good with wigs in cool tones of light brown or black color, and ash shades of hair are also suitable. For skin that is prone to redness, pick up wigs of chestnut colors. Light shades will go to women who dream of looking younger.
Smooth large features will help smooth and short wigs, and models with a small curl and curls emphasize the face with small features. Choosing a wig with asymmetrical bangs, you can visually be able to increase your low forehead, and you can reduce your long nose with the help of lush bangs and voluminous hair style. By choosing a wig with long hair, you can visually make a long neck shorter. If it is necessary to lengthen it, you should choose wigs with short hairstyles that open the neck.
Try to match the wig strictly to the size of the head. Do not spare the time for fitting, the right wig will serve you for years.

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