How to choose a lipstick

Men, oddly enough, when talking or meeting a woman, are most often attracted to her tender, sensual lips. Therefore, women usually pay special attention to this part of their body. Now it's hard to imagine that fashion designers could have come up to attract attention if lipstick had not been invented at one time. Lipstick makes a woman more attractive, besides protects lips from the effects of various external adverse factors (sun, frost, wind). However, not everyone is able to use it, and the question of how to choose a lipstick is generally puzzling many. And this is not strange, because the modern variety of lipstick can puzzle anyone. In addition, the color you like in the tube in the display case often changes somewhat when you apply lipstick to your lips, and the chosen type of lipstick may just not fit your skin. To avoid such troubles, a true woman should be well aware of the question of how to choose a lipstick.


Lipstick to fit you perfectly, evenly and gently lay on the lips and did not cause negative feelings, you must be very careful about her choice and purchase.Various scratches on the packaging or a dissimilar color of lipstick, indicate its dubious quality. Also, never forget to look at the shelf life of the lipstick that the manufacturer sets. It is usually a maximum of three years, with proper storage. Corroded lipstick has a sharp unpleasant odor, it becomes more liquid or dries up.


Speaking about how to choose a lipstick it is necessary to emphasize the fact that the composition of the lipstick is an extremely important indicator of its quality. The composition of any lipstick includes wax, moisturizing oils, coloring and softening substances. They determine the quality of lipstick, so they deserve your special attention. In the production of cosmetics, beeswax is most often used, as well as Brazilian palm wax, which is more preferable due to the property not to cause allergic reactions. The composition of the lipstick must necessarily include oils and fats, as a rule, it is coconut, mineral, olive and castor oils, as well as petroleum jelly and lanolin. Many modern manufacturers add vitamin E, amino acids, collagen, sunscreen and moisturizing agents to their lipsticks, making your lips soft and protected from external influences.Since an average woman annually eats one tube of lipstick, it is not bad if the lipstick contains various vitamin supplements that not only nourish the skin of the lips, but also reduce the adverse effect on the body of the chemical elements contained in lipstick.


The question of how to choose a lipstick that matches your color, is not an easy one, nevertheless, we can solve. You just need to spend a lipstick tester on a piece of paper or on the back of your hand, then apply it to your face and see if the color you’re looking for is suitable


According to the quality features distinguish resistant, matte and satin lipstick. Persistent will last for a long time to maintain its color and gloss on your lips, matte - will give a rich and calm color, and if you want to visually enlarge your lips, use the satin type. Currently relevant pearl lipstick with gloss and lip gloss. To make the lips appear more plump and sexy, you need to use light tones of lipstick and a lot of gloss, and with the help of dark and matte shades you can visually make the lips less voluminous.

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