How to choose a great down jacket for winter?

Not everyone can afford to buy three natural coats for the winter season. But with feathers a completely different situation. Their price is significantly lower and in terms of the number of models they are not inferior to their main expensive competitors. Therefore, to buy down jackets profitable. The main thing is not to make a mistake and not to buy a bad thing. How to buy a down jacket for the winter, so as not to freeze in the cold winter, we will discuss today.

Winter in our latitudes does not allow walking on the street in a thin jacket. When a person is cold, he stops thinking about everything in the world. In order not to turn your life into hell for three months, you need to dress warmly.

And then the question that is relevant at all times appears: is it possible to find beautiful winter clothes? The answer is obvious, of course, possible. Just pay attention to the down jackets.

Helpful Tips

Every person should buy a down jacket, this is due to the great versatility of this thing. Winter is a moving season. Despite the negative temperature outside, we all have to walk a lot outside.In addition to the standard movement to the store and to work, there is still a need for skating, sledding and playing snowballs. And all this must be done with terrible icy conditions.

In order to live fully in winter and not be afraid of falling on a slippery surface, a person should feel comfortable wearing the clothes he is wearing. For this ideal down jacket. The model of a down-jacket selected on a figure will allow you to move freely despite all weather conditions.

What are the?

Jackets come in different lengths. They can be on the waist or knee. Very rarely are heel-length models. There are also natural down jackets in which real down should be present. There are, of course, fakes. In order not to fall for them, you just need to carefully study the label. If there is a natural down in the down jacket, the manufacturer will gladly write the word down on it. There is no such word, then go to another store.

Basically, for down-padded coats, downy goose, duck, eider and less often swan are used. As you can see, chick fluff for puffs is not suitable, as it quickly goes astray. Not everyone can afford a down jacket made of natural material.The price for it will not be lower than for a fur coat.

For people with average incomes, manufacturers produce puffs with feather inscription. Do not be afraid of foreign words, it just means that feathers have been added to the down.

All other inscriptions on down jackets say that before you anything, but not a down jacket. The budget material for down jackets is a synthetic winterizer. Of course, the artificial down jacket will be less warm, but it is cheap.

How to choose the perfect one?

In order for you to wear down a feather not a single winter, when buying it, you need to pay attention not only to the words and numbers on the label.

Percentage of down and feather

In the quality down jacket must be fluff. Or rather, it should be at least 75 percent. This number must be indicated on the product. The remaining 25 should only be a feather. The combination of down and padding is extremely unfortunate. The colder the weather is, the more down should be in your chosen item. If the content of down is less than 40%, then this is a down jacket for autumn weather.

Distribution and elasticity of down

You probably often noticed that all down jackets are sewn from square sectors. It is not just like that.The fact is that a similar variant of outerwear sewing makes it possible to evenly distribute the insulating filler in the squares. In a good down jacket, the squares should not be large, about 12 cm one side. If more, then before you is not the highest quality thing.

Pooh should be distributed evenly across the square, and not downloaded in one corner. The square should not be tightly packed. If there are feathers in the down jacket, they should in no case prick and stick out of the fabric. Before you get into the down jackets, the down is a quality test. It should be moistened with water, crumpled and at the same time it should keep its shape. If the down jacket does not keep its shape, then it is bad.

High-quality locks, buttons, buttons and velcro should be installed on a solid down-padded coat. In most cases, down jackets are zipped. Before buying, test it thoroughly, if the lightning “doesn’t go” at some site, do not buy this thing.

Otherwise, in a week you will have to go to the studio and change the lock at your own expense. There are models of down-padded coats in which the zipper is covered with a cloth, with the help of velcro.To say that in such a down jacket is warmer, as it less through the lightning, it is impossible.

In principle, their thermal performance is the same. But sticky problems may arise. In the coat, the hood is necessarily present, otherwise it will simply cease to be a universal thing for any weather.

How to care?

If you do not properly care for the down jacket, then very soon all of its stunning qualities will turn into something terrible and useless. Therefore, we recommend that you listen to the advice:

  • Every thing must be washed. The down jacket is not suitable for soaking. It requires a delicate wash at a low temperature (40 degrees). Squeezing it should be easy movements.
  • For fluff sold special tools. Be sure to use them, so you can completely disinfect the components that fill the down jacket.
  • Drying down jacket on the battery is prohibited. For this purpose, fit a strong rope on which you can hang an unbuttoned down jacket. At the same time the room should be ventilated.
  • You can go in a simple way and give the thing to dry cleaning. Just choose a proven institution and when you receive clothes back feel free to check it.
  • Also in stores you can see moisture repellent.It is necessary to use them infrequently: immediately before washing and during rain.

Down jacket can be worn at any age. It is light and warm, and for winter these are very important indicators. Choose your right down jacket and then even in a huge frost you will feel comfortable.

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