How to choose a good flooring

Decide on the purpose of the room for which the future floor is chosen. After all, the coating should be not only beautiful, but also practical. Materials that can be used in the nursery, living room or bedroom, are not always suitable for use in the bathroom or hallway.
In the bathroom, use as a flooring a traditional ceramic tile or such as yet not very common material, like vinyl tile. The first is significantly inferior to the second for soundproof, moisture-proof qualities and resistance to damage. It is very important that the bathroom floor has a rough, non-slip surface.
Prefer ceramic tile, choosing a floor covering for the kitchen. Increased moisture resistance, simplicity of ceramic tiles in the care will allow the hostess not to worry too much about the safety of the floor in an aggressive kitchen environment.However, almost equally unpretentious linoleum or cork floor covered with special varnish are also suitable as a floor covering in this area of ​​the dwelling.
For the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, toilet and other rooms with high humidity or high traffic, and besides often undergoing wet cleaning, use a self-leveling polymer floor. Its main advantage is the absence of seams. Bulk floor inherent: smooth surface, diverse design, ease of care, high wear resistance.
Parquet piece and floorboard apply in residential premises, dining areas. These materials, for all their beauty and environmental friendliness, require careful maintenance and are poorly perceived by various collisions in the form of changes in humidity and temperatures. Remember that the parquet board keeps within quicker, costs cheaper than a piece parquet, but at the same time is faster and wets out.
If you are somewhat cramped in the means - use a plastic laminate for finishing the floor in the living room. It can be of many kinds, easily fit even without the help of specialists, is not afraid of hot objects and wet cleaning.
If you are a fan of softness and comfort, then get a carpet for the floor in the living room or bedroom. Diverse design, dirt-repellent impregnation, non-combustible materials make this coating almost perfect. The carpet floor is easy to install and easy to replace when worn.

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