How to choose a dog for the house and apartment

If you intend to have a four-legged friend and have already managed to get the consent of the family, you are probably tormented by the question of how to choose the right dog. It is not surprising, because getting lost in the sea of ​​wet noses and prying eyes is not difficult.

Since childhood, it is known that a dog is a friend of man. The dog is the first animal that has been tamed by man. The dog is an eternal helper and companion, personifying unselfish love and devotion.

In the article you will learn what considerations you need to be guided in choosing a dog.

We select breed dogs for themselves and child

Many during the selection of dogs are guided by the breed. Character they overshadow. An expensive dog is part of the image along with an expensive car, a chic mansion and clothing of a famous brand. This approach to choosing a four-legged friend is wrong.

  1. Before buying a dog, consider whether there is enough time to raise a pet. Do not disregard and the organization of housing conditions for the maintenance of the dog.
  2. Aboriginal breeds are popular - Central Asian Shepherd Dogs, Huskies and Samoyeds.Undoubtedly, the plastic psyche of the animal is able to adapt to the new habitat, but living in a city apartment does not suit these breeds.
  3. Choosing a dog, please note that the treatment and maintenance of the animal is fraught with financial costs.
  4. When choosing, consider temperament and character. If a person is a choleric person, the purchase of a Dalmatian, dachshund or fox terrier must be abandoned. It is better to choose a spaniel or a retriever.
  5. Fight dog breeds need proper training and a strong hand. Otherwise, the dog will become uncontrollable and dangerous. There are a lot of stories with fighting dogs that ended tragically.
  6. A pet will limit your freedom of choice in the field of leisure and travel. If you are going to go on vacation, someone should look after the dog.
  7. After the appearance of the dog in the house will have to clean up more often. It is necessary to prepare in advance for the fight against wool, which will appear on upholstered furniture and carpeting.

It is easy to get a pet, but remember the responsibility to the animal. Otherwise, the four-legged friend will become unnecessary and will be on the street or in a shelter.

Choice of breed

The best breed for a child

Photo of dolmatins

If a child asks to buy him a puppy, do not be afraid of puddles on the floor and eaten slippers. Puppies behave in this way only at first.

The child will become a harmonious personality. Shaggy companion protects against loneliness. The child, tied to the dog, get rid of the complexes, which often arise during communication with peers.

Children share secrets with the dog. The dog will listen carefully, understand and sincerely sympathize. In infantile children, the puppy contributes to the development of responsibility. A dog can entertain a child regardless of age. Communication with a puppy has a positive effect on the discipline and life interests of the child.

When choosing an animal, be guided by character, temperament and personality traits. Prepare for the child to refuse to educate and train the dog, and the solution to this problem will fall on the parents' shoulders.

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I propose a list of breeds that work very well with children.

  1. Collie. Kind, soft and calm. Anxiously treat children.
  2. Poodle. It is unpretentious in content, suitable for active and temperamental children.
  3. The beagle. Small, intelligent and friendly dogs, perfectly trained.
  4. Golden retriever. Tolerant to childish pranks. Convivial and friendly.
  5. Yorkshire Terrier. A small dog with an amazing temperament. Perfect for a girl.

If a child insistently asks for a puppy, forget about the principles and do it. I can say with confidence that such a New Year's gift or surprise for a birthday will change the life of a child, making it active, fun and eventful.

Dogs to guard the house

Collie Dog

Guard dogs differ significantly from watchdog relatives. They not only warn the host about an outsider on the territory of the suburban area, but also attack the uninvited guest.

Wonderful guarding qualities of giant schnauzers, black terriers, shepherd dogs and rottweilers.

I will describe in detail the listed breeds.

  1. Sheepdogs are the classic defenders of the house. Suitable for the protection of vast territories and are excellently trainable. The master should teach, shepherds do not trust strangers. When an outsider enters the protected area, the shepherd dog exhibits protective qualities. If guests come, it is better to close the dog in the aviary.
  2. Black Terrier- Specially derived breed for security and service functions. Such a dog is strongly attached to the owner, and often does not recognize relatives and relatives. The black terrier needs socialization from an early age. The dog is active and loves to play.
  3. Giant Schnauzer- used in the field of guard since the beginning of the last century. Security qualities are well expressed. The dog is family friendly. Needs special care due to long hair.
  4. Rottweiler- dog cops. Guard and guard instincts are developed perfectly. The Rottweiler has a calm character and is able to respond with an aggressive attack. Although the dog's coat is short, the harsh Russian winters are not terrible.

For the protection of the house small dogs are not suitable. They are focused on aesthetic pleasure, protective functions are too tough for them. Representatives of small breeds bark loudly, but they will not be able to frighten away an uninvited guest.

How to choose a puppy

Let's talk about the places where you can go for a puppy.

  1. Nursery. On the Internet there are contacts of the breeding cattery of your interest. I can say with confidence that there are many such establishments in the vicinity of your city.Remember, a dog with a pedigree is not an expensive pleasure.
  2. Shelter. After visiting the orphanage, you will pick up a puppy, who, with proper training, will become an excellent protector. True, the protective qualities of a dog are directly dependent on the training, physical activity and nutrition.
  3. Market. You can buy a dog on the market, but you cannot count on a good result, unless you are lucky. The owners of the animal tend to make money by selling a puppy, other moments they are not interested.

Pay attention to the choice.

  1. If you buy a puppy in the kennel, you made the right decision. Be sure to ask for photos of the puppy's parents, and tell a little about them.
  2. Ask about the diet of the puppy's parents. Food and appearance of the dog will tell a lot about his future.
  3. If you have chosen a shelter, talk to his representatives and ask for help in choosing.

Nurseries differ in breeding and care for the preservation of certain qualities and health. Kennel provides a wide range of opportunities in the information field, will provide full information about the puppy and pedigree of parents.

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If you take a puppy in a shelter, you are a noble person.Here you can find a good animal, different desire to protect a new family.

Rules for choosing puppies York

The choice of York - a serious task, to which decision should be approached as responsibly as possible. If at the time of purchase you take into account all the details, the pet will never disappoint.

Before choosing, find a serious breeder, visit several nurseries and chat with the owners of York.

During the conversation, ask about the age of the puppies, the parents' pedigrees, the quality of nutrition and the content. If the shelter or house of the breeder has dirty floors and smells unpleasant, and the wool is ruffled and the puppies are caged, it is better to refuse to cooperate. For sure, they will not provide a dog metric and veterinary passports.

Consider moments that should not be ignored.

  1. Rounded paws and straight limbs indicate the health of York. Movement should not be constrained and coordinated. If the puppy is limping or there is a hump on the back, do not take it.
  2. Carefully inspect the puppy in your arms. The nose should be cold, black and wet. The nose is warm only after sleep.Uncharacteristic discharge and white border should be absent along the edge of the nose.
  3. It is mandatory to inspect the oral cavity. A healthy dog ​​has gums of a pink color. Each jaw with two fangs and six incisors. Bite pincer or scissor.
  4. In the three-month York must be present closed spring. It is determined by probing the crown. If the ears do not stand, you should not be afraid. With age, they will take a normal rack.
  5. If you choose York with curly hair, remember, with age, the wool will not straighten.
  6. Do not deprive attention and tail of the Yorkshire terrier. It should be smooth, without creases and bulges.

Tips for choosing Labrador puppies

Labradors are grown in nurseries. If you like dogs with a balanced character, to acquire a pedigree animal is better in such an institution. Age must be at least 45 days.

Labradors are friendly, fearless and inquisitive dogs. At a young age, they are highly active and do not show aggression. Labrador puppies calmly react to separation from sisters and brothers.

  1. Choosing a Labrador, pay attention to food.Healthy puppy plump and agile, with a pleasant smell and shiny hair.
  2. If there are pimples and scratches on the skin, it always itches, the nose is dry, and the eyes are watery, you should not buy.
  3. An important point - the exterior. Regardless of age, the dog must have a strong head, strong and broad bones, strong paws. Often the choice makes it difficult non-standard growth of the animal. Do not worry, the formation of the Labrador ends in 1 year.
  4. Look at the tail. The dog is a true protector, it never pinches the tail between the paws.
  5. By the expression of the muzzle, you can determine the condition of the puppy. The breed is not typical for sad eyes. The typical Labrador always welcomes people with a warm and friendly look.
  6. Color - yellow, black or chocolate.

Choosing a German Shepherd puppy

The German Shepherd is a universal helper. There is no dog work that she will not do.

First, decide why you need such a dog. If you plan to become a breeder, choose a girl. Female sheep dogs are easier to train and have a more flexible psyche.

Keep in mind, breeding puppies - a difficult task. If there is not enough time, there is no patience or you just need a four-legged friend, get a dog. With him a lot less trouble.

  1. It is better to take a sheepdog in a country kennel, where puppies stay in the fresh air. They are more hardened and strong.
  2. Sometimes the kennel offers many identical-looking puppies. To make the right choice, you should carefully examine each.
  3. A puppy bite should be strictly scissor-like. Coat color is black. This color German shepherd acquires with age.
  4. Up to three months of age, the ears of the puppies are lying. If they got up earlier, this indicates certain problems.
  5. Examine the muzzle. If it is acute, then everything is in order.
  6. A healthy puppy has thick and strong legs, a straight back, a strong and long neck. Ideally, it resembles a well-fed bear.
  7. If the puppies look the same, study their behavior. You can call puppies to yourself. Who will come first, the leader and very active.

When the puppy grows up, he will need a lot of space. If you have a city apartment, I do not recommend buying a puppy of this breed. So you ruin the life of yourself and the dog. If there is a country house, there is no better solution than the German Shepherd.

Before buying a dog, be sure to sit on the Internet or read the encyclopedia,in which the rocks are described in detail. So you determine which dog you need.

Having a dog at home is accompanied by extra worries. When buying a pet, prepare for this. If this does not scare you, take your wallet and go to the nursery for a new friend. Good luck!

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