How to check the quality of paving slabs?

When buying something, you always want to get a quality product for your money. Therefore, when you buy paving tiles for garden paths or laying pavements in places with large movements of people, you need to check its quality. Because the desire of some tile manufacturers. Unfortunately, the desire of some tile manufacturers to play at increased demand leads to the realization of not the best quality material, and to protect themselves from any suspicion of cheapness, this product is sold expensively. As a result, paving slabs of dubious raw materials, made with violations of technology, enter the market, where incompetent buyers are not able to detect its shortcomings. What can be done in this case? How to check the quality of the purchased material?
It is extremely difficult to check the quality of purchased paving slabs organoleptically, that is, visually and to the touch.In other words, it is difficult to obtain absolutely accurate results outside the testing laboratory. At the same time, some of the properties of this material are amenable to verification, which almost any buyer can fulfill.
So, the first thing that always attracts attention is the appearance of the paving slab. Note that the standard material should have a uniform, light gray color. If there is a darker shade, this may indicate the use of low-grade cement in the production of the material. Then we turn our attention to the surface of the paving slabs - it must be glossy and also not have significant pores. At the same time, it should have even outlines, since the laying of paving slabs and its features are largely based on its standard and identical dimensions.
According to experts from the Moscow plant "Paving Stones", a glossy surface can be obtained with the help of expensive additives to the cement mix or by adding an excessive amount of water that can reduce the strength of concrete. In this case, it's important not to be deceived, for which you try to easily hit two tiles against each other: a sonorous sound will speak about the good quality and maturity of the paving slab; if the opposite is true, thenthe material either did not gain strength, therefore, may crack during transportation, or was created with an excess of water, which will seriously reduce its strength during long-term operation.
Finally, as a recommendation, experts advise to purchase the material a little more than the calculated amount. Practice shows that part of the material goes to trimming, and buying tiles of the same color or shade is not always easy. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately purchase the volume of paving slab, 7-10% higher than the required amount.

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