How to celebrate New Year and Christmas in Vienna?

Christmas and New Year in Vienna are celebrated on a grand scale. Since mid-November, the city is immersed in a real fairy tale, where it is interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Unique architecture, illuminated by brilliant lights, numerous parties, concerts and balls, bright shop windows - all this makes the Austrian capital one of the most popular places to celebrate Christmas and celebrate the New Year.

But the main attraction of the city are Christmas markets, which became popular in the Middle Ages. Today’s Vienna Bazaar, decorated with bright lights, is considered the most beautiful in Europe and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

A lot of goodies are sold in the mall: fragrant cookies, sweet candies, roasted chestnuts, various cheeses and Austrian smoked meats. Many shops offer tourists to buy cute souvenirs, bright handmade Christmas decorations and all sorts of trinkets. A series of shopping kiosks form, so-called,“New Year trail”, along which there are numerous restaurants and cafes offering to try hot mulled wine or punch. On the improvised scenes are musicians and DJs, the actors show street performances.

Bell ringing

All Austrians sacred honor traditions, especially when it comes to Christmas. In the evening of December 24, all members of the family gather together and wait for the bell to ring, which serves as a kind of signal for the beginning of the celebration. Only after this, the participants enter the room where the elegantly decorated Christmas tree stands and the presentation of gifts takes place, which is delivered not by Santa Claus and not Santa Claus, but by the infant Christ.

Then everyone sits down at a festive table, in the center of which stands a traditional carp dish or fried goose. However, the main decoration is baking. The hostesses are preparing various types of cookies, but only the vanilla bagel is a symbol of this bright holiday. The whole evening on the radio sounds the song "Silent Night", which is considered the hymn of Christmas. Those present while singing in unison.

The inhabitants of this small country are not so pious and rarely go to church,however, on Christmas midnight everyone must go to vigil. This ancient custom Austrians piously revere.

Street festivities or a ball?

And how to celebrate the New Year in Vienna itself? Locals do not like to sit at home on such a night, so they go to the city center to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where the main festivals are traditionally held. The participants listened to the sound of a large bell announcing the coming of the New Year, drink champagne and punch, launch firecrackers and watch amazing fireworks in the sky.

Couples with children celebrate a holiday in the restaurant or cafe they like.

For lovers of bright and unusual holiday, we offer several interesting options.

  • If you want to celebrate a celebration in a more refined atmosphere, then purchase tickets for the Imperial Ball in the Hofburg, which is attended by the President of Austria, in advance. For such a pompous event, there is a strict dress code: men are allowed only in a tuxedo or dress coat, and women in an evening long dress (New Year's Eve gala dinner, consisting of four courses, a glass of wine and champagne will cost 465 euros per person).
  • Also on a royal scale, you can celebrate the triumph in the Vienna City Hall.
  • Those interested can meet the New Year on the Danube Tower. At a height of 170 meters, a chic gala dinner is arranged, during which you will watch colorful fireworks and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the majestic Vienna (price from 200 euros).
  • For romantic natures, the New Year's Eve on a comfortable boat cruising the Danube (the event will cost € 160. The price includes a gala-buffet, a glass of champagne and live music).
  • In the New Year, you can "drive in" the luxury car of the Imperial Express, which stops exactly at midnight on the bridge over the Danube River, so that passengers can see the delightful fireworks (the ticket price is 395 euros).
  • The Palace of Mirrors Palazzo prepared his original program with magicians, acrobats and cabarets (the cost of a visit starts from 250 euros).
  • An unusual meeting of the New Year can take place on the Ferris wheel. You will sit in a cozy, antique-style trailer and have dinner with festive dishes.

All prices indicated remain valid in 2017.

Majestic architecture

In the capital of Austria, there is something to see. You will find luxurious architecture in the style of "Baroque", the most beautiful street in the world Ringstrasse, the majestic palaces of Schönbrunn and Belvedere, the magnificent residence Hovburg, St. Stephen's Cathedral and other equally interesting sights.

There are many museums in the city that you don’t have time to see in one trip. But you should definitely visit the world-famous Museum of Art History. Being in this amazing city, you only will click the shutter of the camera, and take extraordinarily beautiful pictures.

Snowless December

The weather in Vienna on the eve of the winter holidays does not have to long walks. The average daytime temperature is +4 ºC, at night it drops to 0 ºC, precipitation is possible in the form of rain or sleet. Therefore, it is advisable to take along a warm jacket with a hood and an umbrella.

Book apartments and guides

Despite the solid pluses of the New Year's trip to Vienna, one can not help but mention some disadvantages:

  • in connection with a large influx of tourists on holidays, it is necessary, at least for a couple of months, to book apartments;
  • you also need to take care of the guide in advance if you want to book a tour of the city;
  • Do not forget about air tickets, which also need to be purchased ahead of time.

All these disadvantages will not be able to discourage the desire to go on a winter vacation to this fabulous city.

Having been at least once at Christmas and New Year in Vienna, you will again feel the long-forgotten feeling of the holiday, familiar from childhood. If you meet 2017 in the capital of Austria, then in the next 2018 you will want to spend your winter holidays in this magical place.

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