How to carry out collection

Make all the preparatory activities before the arrival of the collector group. Notify this unit in advance. Ensure that the interval from calling the group to its arrival is no more than 45 minutes. Clear the black entrance to the building, removing all cars, boxes or foreign objects. Nothing should distract employees from their duties.
Make sure that collectors will drive along well-lit streets throughout the route. Check the integrity of the bags in which you want to put bills. Count money carefully for transportation. There should be no problem with this. Attach three receipts, which will indicate the amount for transportation. Let them assure the cashier.
Hold a collection group. The time of their work should not exceed 8 minutes. Strive to do everything as quickly and clearly as possible. Meet the group's inspector-collector at the door of the back door and take him inside the building where the calculation is to be made.Always check the ID of the collector. Leave the guards outside the door to protect collectors.
Proceed to the transfer of bags to service staff. Re-check the appearance, the presence of bills - all strictly according to the documentation. Check invoices and records in all copies. Verify all stamped and signed for handing over funds. Do not allow the collector to count the funds or touch the notes.
Receive from the inspector-collector a spontaneous card, three copies of the escrow lists, receipt receipt, bags. Check the presence of stamps and signatures, bags and the presence of forms on each of them. Put the money in the bags if everything is correct. Mark all the money bags and put them in a special suitcase.

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