How to calculate wages

If you did not earn extra money, subtract from the fixed wage tax, it is usually 13%. For example: 10000r minus 13%, it turns out 8700 net money, which you will give to your hands. But do not forget to add more and bonus. If your premium is 20%, then add to the 8,700 another 3,700 thousand (4,000–13%). The premium is charged not with clean money (without tax), but with all.
The side job is a plus for wages and bonuses, but is also taxed. For deduction together with a side job, divide the salary amount by the statutory rate of hours that falls on this working month. Then multiply the number of hours worked on the resulting value, so you get the amount without deducting tax. Then add the premium to the amount of wages, taking into account the sidework and add the bonus. Bonuses are given more often without taking up part time work from a net salary.
If you were charged penalties, the premium in this case is not given, and the amount of the fine is calculated from your salary the entire sentence.But even here everything is individual, if the authorities go to a meeting, sometimes bonuses are charged. For more specific information about the amount of the fine, check with your employer and subtract it from your fixed salary.
When the company has a so-called “black cash”, then the tax is calculated only from the “net pay”, the amount of which you can check with the accountant of the company. The side job is also not taxed.

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