How to build a Finnish house

Finnish house is most often constructed from laminated veneer lumber. This building material is made from selected wood. Quality timber will for a long time retain all the properties of solid wood. It is highly resistant to moisture and biological damage. It is worth noting its remarkable thermal insulation properties. The walls of this material will keep well heat even in extreme cold. In the summer, the house will be cool.
Practically all materials for the construction of a Finnish wooden house can be purchased on the construction market. At the moment, they are all manufactured using proven technologies. Necessary kits of parts are manufactured in the factory. The details of the glued laminated timber have a special profile both in the connecting cups and on the surfaces.
When assembling parts, it is best to use a synthetic seal. As a result, the timber can be laid perfectly smooth. The wall will be practically windless. This design allows to reduce the possibility of ingress of rain moisture. It should be noted that the fitting of parts when assembling a log house is not required.The construction of laminated veneer lumber is practically not amenable to natural shrinkage. The walls of this house are not subject to cracking and deformation.
As a foundation for construction, it is best to use a concrete slab that has a minimum level difference. To build a house on the finished foundation can be about 3-4 weeks. Materials for building a Finnish house are relatively inexpensive. To create a home design is best to contact the architects. They can make a special project.

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