How to bring yourself back to normal after the holidays

Start by curbing your appetite, try to calm the digestive tract. A good distraction from thinking about food is aromatherapy. Inhale the smells of mint, vanilla, almond. Use aroma lamps with orange, eucalyptus, pine oils. Their smells can significantly dampen the feeling of hunger.
Drink as much as possible. Mineral water, green tea, herbal infusions will help to establish the work of the intestines. Dissolve a tablespoon of lemon juice and two dessert spoons of honey in a glass of boiling water. Drink this mixture in the morning before eating so that your body is cleansed of toxins. Juices will also help, but only freshly squeezed.
Do not create stress for the body, starting to starve or go on a rigid diet. Take care of yourself, eat a little, but often, do not snack on the go. At bedtime, drink a glass of kefir or eat an apple so that you do not have feelings of hunger in your sleep and at the same time do not overload your stomach.
Lean on citrus fruits, they contain beneficial vitamins and help reduce hunger. Do not ignore dairy products rich in calcium - cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir. But salty must be reduced to a minimum - it increases the appetite. Include in the diet of fruits, berries, vegetables - they will help to remove cholesterol from the body.
You will quickly cheer up and recharge your batteries if you take a contrast shower. It strengthens the blood vessels, the blood begins to circulate better, the metabolic processes in the body normalize, the state is greatly improved.
If possible, walk more: fresh air and exercise will restore the body's tone, help to lose weight gained during the holidays. Go in for sports: ski, swim, run. Try to forget about the elevator - walking upstairs heals well.

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