How to braid a beautiful spikelet and fishtail?

Beautifully laid and well-groomed hair is half the image of a successful woman or girl, which is why it is sometimes so important to be able to gather your naughty curls into a neat and stylish hairstyle.

The all-absorbing fashion for loose and loose curls temporarily eclipsed all kinds of weaving, but, fortunately, lately all kinds of braids are becoming more and more popular, because, oddly enough, they can be very diverse and multifaceted, reflecting all the inner light and beauty of their owner.

Chic Varinant for a romantic dinner

So, whatever one may say, the time will come when even the most ardent opponent of braids will understand that it is time to try this beautiful and very comfortable hair weaving on you.

Just 10-15 years ago, the spikelet hairstyle was at the peak of popularity, it could be found on the heads of little schoolgirls and adult high school students, even mature and successful women chose this hairstyle for going to the office.

For the sake of such beauty you can try

However, at that time, this kind of weaving had its own characteristics - the braid should have been perfectly combed, smoothed, devoid of any shortcomings and liberties.

But time has passed quite a lot, fashionable stylists have adapted such a beautiful, but outdated hairstyle, under the trends of modernity, given the tastes and preferences of the youth.

For every day

Now the “spikelet” hairstyle is not only a hairstyle for going to school or for business meetings, due to its slight negligence, lightness and windy femininity, it fits perfectly into the coloring of evening walks, dates, meetings with friends.

By the way, the modern “spikelet” or “French braid”, as it is now called it, is the favorite hairstyle of many modern brides. Of course, the special weaving makes the image very gentle, romantic and graceful, but at the same time, this hairstyle keeps very well and does not break up into separate curls, which is very useful, because the wedding is a long idea.

Beautiful and original

And if earlier "spikelets" were rather difficult to make on their own, because it was necessary to track all the flaws and "roosters", now, when creative "disorder" and light negligence are in fashion, this is not very difficult.

How to learn to braid hair "spike" or some of its varieties, for example, "fishtail" at home? Everything is very simple, the main thing is practice. You should not plan on an important output such a hairstyle, if you have never done it before. But having practiced several times in free and calm conditions, you will understand that everything is quite simple and solvable.

Option classic hair "Spike" or "French braid"

In order for everything to be successful, it is best to pre-wash your hair, but do the hair the next day, then the hair will be more docile.

A real beauty

Ideally, this hairstyle is plaited on long and straight hair, but very interesting variations are obtained on curly, wavy, thin or thick hair, this gives the hairdo its zest and notes of charm. To create a spikelet you will need a good comb, preferably with natural bristles, an elastic band, a spray for smoothing hair or ordinary water in a sprayer.

  • Carefully comb hair, pre-moistened with water or sprinkled with a special spray to make the curls smooth. Curls need to be combed back, if there is a bang, then, of course, we leave it in place, no need to comb it.Now on each side you need to choose a small strand of hair, the thickness depends on the thickness of your hair, but usually it does not exceed 2-2.5 centimeters.
  • We take a strand from the left temporal zone, choose a strand in the middle (as for weaving an ordinary braid) and throw the left strand behind the center.
  • The strand, which all this time remained at the right temporal zone, is transferred by the same movement over the newly formed center strand (before that it was a strand from the left temporal zone).
  • Now, such actions should be repeated, it reminds of weaving an ordinary braid, only in order to make a hairstyle with a spikelet, it is necessary for each strand, which turns out to be on the side, to draw an additional strand from the same side out of common hair.
  • Thus, the more often you add additional strands from each side, the more interesting your final hairstyle will turn out. When you reach the base of the head, you can go to weave the usual braid or tie a tail.
  • Make sure that the strands that you throw on each of the sides, have approximately the same width, then your hair will be correct.If you are worried that you have hair of different lengths and this hairstyle will not work - nonsense, individual strands that playfully look out of the weaves look very cute and modern.

Variant of a hairdress "Fish tail"

“Fishtail” is one of the popular varieties of hairstyle “Spikelet”, which got its very unambiguous name due to its visual similarity with the fish limb mentioned. It is not difficult to make a fishtail with your own hands, it is even simpler than the above considered version of the classic Spikelet, and in order to quickly master the technique itself, try to make a similar hairstyle from the ponytail for the first time.

Festive option

  • We carefully comb the hair, collect the hair in the “Horse's tail” for beginners or begin to weave from the base of the hair, who is confident in his abilities.
  • To do this, we divide the hair into two parts in the place where we want to form our braid, in the classical version - in the middle.
  • On each side, choose the same order, take a strand on the left side and transfer it over the left side, then attach it to the inside of the right half of the tail. Then we do the same action with the right part of the hair: we separate it from the outer right part, transfer it to the inner left half.
  • Repeating such simple actions, we reach the desired length of the braid, after which we fix the hair with an elastic band.

Modern variations hairstyle "Spike"

In order to look stylish and fashionable, of course, you need to include a certain amount of fantasy. For example, the “Fishtail” hairstyle looks very impressive, in which the strands are slightly tightened, and some even look out, it is enough to pull out a few strands from the general scheme.

Add accessories, of course, if you weave a tight spikelet, it is self-sufficient and does not require helpers, and the free versions of such hairstyles can be decorated with ribbons, flowers, beautiful hairpins and original hair dressings.

It looks very interesting spike, which completely frames the face, or a variant of the spit, which involves combining together several small spikelets. Experiment, train in front of a mirror and rest assured, you will succeed!

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