How to boil the body

How to boil a body

How to boil a body

Body - a component of any car that requires careful maintenance, timely inspection and repair. One type of repair is the welding of the body, which, as a rule, is made by specialists. This service today is not cheap. It is for this reason that many car owners are trying to boil the car body independently at home.


Preparing the car body for welding



Prepare a semi-automatic welding machine, which can be rented or purchased at a specialty store. Release the interior of the car, completely removing all the panels and removing the seats. Wash the body thoroughly inside and outside the car. To do this, gently wipe all the parts with a cloth, warm water and a special detergent. Allow the body to dry.


Take a large sandpaper and walk it through all the joints. The quality of the stripping depends largely on the quality of the weld that you make.


Take the welding machine, put on gloves and mask.Remember, adherence to safety when working with a welding machine is very important, as there is a chance not only to spoil the parts that boil, but also their health. After all, it is known that when welding occurs in the eyes or on the body, a burn occurs.


Boil the required places with a stitch length of 2 cm and in increments of 5 cm. Such provarku will be much stronger than any point. It significantly increases the rigidity of the body and reduces its deformation during its operation and in particular under heavy loads. You should know that, as a rule, everything except for the muzzle is boiled in the body, as it is usually the minimum load, but still in those cars where the front suspension has a large emphasis, that is, where the front "legs" are attached to cross the beam still need to boil it. As for the floor, it can be steamed on both sides.


Treat weld seams with a special acidic primer. Assemble the car, fixing gently back all the panels and seats. Everything is ready, now you can not be afraid for the quality of their work.


Please note that the front of the car (fenders and hood) is usually not boiled, but the seams of the pillars, the pan and the back are carefully processed.

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