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How to Become the Alpha of the School


Popular Girl Alpha

  1. Look through the yearbook to get to know the current alphas, and make a list of them.Then go through the list and do ratings on how well you know them. For instance let's say this girl named kiki is a current alpha, lets say I helped her ace a test so that would probably be a half star. Get it?
  2. Stay in public as much as you can.You have to have time for your friends. But be sure that you are seen with your other alpha friends!
  3. Drink lots of water and eat healthy.Also try to keep in shape.
  4. Try to have neat handwriting.This is ever so important. If they can't read a note then, you're in trouble!
  5. Have something to excel in.Something that you enjoy and people know you for such as singing or writing good columns in the school newspaper.
  6. Look at the populars in your school and try to get an attitude close to theirs.Don't copy them, just follow their lead until you get it then... make your break for a chance to be an Alpha, and start your own fads.
  7. Also Try to keep you with the current trends in hair and makeup, it gives you that extra boost of effortless to be amazing!

Tomboy Alpha

  1. Be yourself.All alphas are themselves no matter what. Don't be afraid to show your true personality. Let them know that you're fierce. Nobody wants a clone alpha.
  2. Don't worry about trying to attract attention.It shows others that you're not fit to be an alpha. Instead, act like you don't have a care in the world. Never flirt around boys. Insult them and treat them like dirt. Alphas are know for their sharp tongues so get some dirt to throw around. Don't even treat your friends super-nice. Don't let them get all the attention. Show them who's the boss around there.
  3. Don't fret over fashion.No matter how popular those popular girls are, they aren't alphas. If you copy them, you won't be one either. There's a fine line between being a popular girl and being an alpha, but you've got to know the difference. Alphas don't ever worry about clothes. Get some cute clothes and makeup if you want, but don't make it the best thing about you.
  4. Double rule as alphas with friends.Make sure you have frequent public outbursts over who's boss though. This will make it look like you know what you're doing. Be careful about this, because your friend could overthrow you.
  5. Be smart.Yes, alphas are supposed to be bad, and bad girls don't pay attention in class, but pay attention in class anyway. Who would want a dumb alpha? Remember, alphas have the smarts, looks, and are Miss Personalities. People tend to respect smart people more than dumb ones.
  6. Make the school yours.Don't be afraid to order people around. After all, you are their alpha. Never cut the school slack. It's a sign of weakness. Treat your friends extra hard. People see that of you are that hard on your friends, imagine what what happen to them.
  7. Still be nice.You don't have to be a cold hearted ice queen. Just don't be nice in the teddy bear way. You should be dangerously intelligent, kind, and pretty. You can be nice, but it should be really hard to get you to crack. That's what your friends are for. They show that even though you're tough, you're not cold and heartless.
  8. Enjoy being at the top.Becoming an alpha might be hard, but you'll be at the top of the world very soon.

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  • Schedule mall trips with your friends and go have fun!!!
  • Always have a come back in mind!!!
  • Make it look effortless.
  • Get into sports.
  • No stress and no rushing.
  • The most important part is attitude.
  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy. Also try to keep in shape.
  • Highlights and dying your hair is a super cute way to get noticed.
  • Drama is a no.
  • School pictures also help define you.
  • Brand names make you or brake you. Hollister, Justice, Abercrombie Kids, American Eagle, and Abercrombie and Fitch are all huge hits. Kohl's sells brand names, such as Candies and AF1. ( Really cute clothes!!) Walmart and Target are ok if you wanted to be plummeted into the category of Lower- Regulars. Jewellery is also pretty major.
  • Being seen with the Alpha crowd can make your status a little higher.
  • Try to not wear makeup! You should show your natural beauty. If you absolutely can't stop wearing makeup, minimize the amount you wear.
  • Try to make your outfits creative yet cute.
  • Remember,it doesn't really matter what brands you wear. Designer brands might be better, but don't go bankrupt trying to buy a pair of jeans.
  • Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference. Go show people who's the boss and mark your territory.


  • If you look like you are trying to hard that will make you a wanna be. So make it look effortless.
  • The best way is to keep up with trends and to make sure you look like your life is easy and that you should not do anything trashy.
  • Don't be a psycho. It's not cool. You won't be an "alpha" for long, and in the long run, your rep will be trashed and people will hate you.
  • You can either become a popular alpha or a tomboy one. DON'T try to mix them. The results will be horrible.
  • Being a skank does not help and don't be rude.


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