How to become small?

Evgeny Lukashenko
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How to become small?

Many people are complex because of their height, often it seems too large to them. Next to people of small or medium height, they feel uncomfortable, some even develop strong complexes about this. In this article we will try to figure out how to become smaller. So what can you do?

How to become small in height

Most often, growth is a problem for girls. Now they want to be taller, then later, when they grow up, they are already striving for the opposite. Well, this is how nature arranged them - to remain eternally dissatisfied with the result of their previous actions. And this is wonderful, because a person strives for development and self-improvement throughout his life.

To become smaller, albeit visually, work on your wardrobe. First of all, give up shoes with heels and platform. Why do we need extra 5-15 centimeters? We're going to be small again!

Yes, there is no talk about any surgical intervention! How do you even imagine a growth reduction operation? Deletionankle feet? Or grinding off particularly prominent parts of the skull? In any case, we don�t go farther than beyond the borders of black humor, I just want to warn you - in no case do you believe in offers with which the Internet is abundant: �to reduce your height is real!�, �Fast operation reduced growth "- this is nonsense and deception! Even the risk of not only putting out a lot of money for nothing, but also paying for your disability. Removing heels and high hair, engage in the color gamut of clothes. The lighter and dimmer the tone of things, the lower you will appear.

For men, there are really ways to stop or slow down their growth. The method consists in using the strongest androgens, but this is also very risky. In no case do not resort to this method without medical consultation! In most cases, to slow growth, do weightlifting. Moreover, visually you will grow in width, which compensates for growth. Moreover, having thoroughly pumped up, you will begin to attract the attention of girls, and playing sports together is also a pleasure. Now we all know how to become small growth without risk to the budget and health.

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