How to become a psychic?

Every person has extrasensory abilities from birth. Most people call this phenomenon the sixth sense. Usually for the manifestation of psychic abilities need certain conditions. At times, the gift of a psychic manifests itself after serious shocks, such as severe stress or depression, serious illness, clinical death or electric shock. But, even with good intuition and hypersensitivity, a person will not be able to develop them in himself without constant training and exercises. In this article we will open a few examples of exercises, which are described by the famous American psychic William Hewitt, author of the world bestseller "The Secret Possibilities of Your Psyche."

Exercise number 1

Extrasensory vision

  • At night in complete darkness, look around you and try to determine the shape of the surrounding objects.
  • Having clearly defined the outline of one of the objects, think about what object it reminds you of.
  • After working on several subjects in this way, try to mentally list them.

This exercise develops primarily the attention to what surrounds you. If you perform it for a few seconds many times a day, then after a while you will notice that you have begun to see what is happening around you to the smallest detail. Or maybe you will be able to notice something that you did not pay attention to before.

Exercise number 2

Extrasensory hearing

  • Most people at bedtime seek to be surrounded by any sounds. But the exercise is to concentrate on them for a few minutes and determine the source of each sound.
  • Listen up.
  • Hearing, for example, a dog barking on the street, try to imagine this dog externally. Hearing the voices of people, imagine what they are wearing, how tall and what sex.

This exercise, with its frequent execution, can establish full control over the sounds that penetrate your subconscious.

Exercise number 3

Extrasensory sense of smell

  • Relax for a few minutes and try to identify the smells that surround you.
  • Think about the sources of the surrounding smells and mentally imagine them.

Undoubtedly, after a certain amount of time of constant exercise, you will be surprised thathow many smells surround you, and open those who did not notice before.

Exercise number 4

Extrasensory touch

  • Close your eyes and ears. Touch your skin on the face, the skin of your hands and feet.
  • Try to describe sensations in one word, for example, smooth or rough, silk or hard.
  • Do a similar analysis with any thing that you have in your hands.

This exercise will allow you to navigate well in touch and in the dark.

Thus, by developing the senses, one can reach a state of hypersensitivity and move to a level above the usual perception of the surrounding world.

But even this is not enough to become a psychic. After all, extrasensory perception implies a lot of areas, such as healing, psychology, fortune telling, clairvoyance, photo diagnostics, hypnosis, etc. If you seriously want to do psychic and become a professional in this field, then you need a strong teacher who can guide you and give you good knowledge. But be careful, in the modern world, where money plays a big role, you can easily fall into the hands of a fraudster.Therefore, it is good to check a person before trusting him.

You should also know that the authority of a psychic does not depend on what he says to people only what they want to hear. Being a psychic is a difficult task, because sometimes people have to talk about the death of a loved one and fully try on their difficulties and problems on themselves. So, before heading into a psychic to wake up in yourself, answer yourself the question why you need it and whether this burden is for you.

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