How to avoid a lightning strike

Lightning is a danger to humans at a distance of ten kilometers or less. The rule of thirty seconds will help to calculate this distance: if less than thirty seconds elapse between a flash of light and the sound of thunder, it is necessary to immediately seek shelter.
The probability of being hit by a lightning strike falls if the shelter is chosen correctly. At the first sign of a thunderstorm, determine the nearest possible and move towards it. Get away from the water. If the transition takes a long time, and the thunderstorm is approaching, remove and leave the backpacks with a metal frame, do not take motorcycles and bicycles with you - lightning often hits them, it is not safe near them.
If a thunderstorm broke out while you were in a boat or vessel in the middle of a pond - do not rush into the water, even if the vessel has a mast: it is much less safe to be in the water. Try to reach the shore.
Beware of tall lonely trees, pillars, towers, bypass them at a considerable distance - at least twenty meters.If several people move into the shelter, it is necessary to separate and walk at a distance of twenty to thirty meters. Call out to make sure everything is in order. If the storm has already begun, you can not run: quietly leave the open area, hide in the woods or in the car, tightly closing the windows, lowering the antenna and turning off the electronics. Do not touch the metal and glass, while inside the car, do not use the radio.
If you can’t leave the open area, you feel vibration, hair is electrified, skin tingles - immediately take the next position: crouch, put your feet together, put your head on your chest, press your body to your knees, hands to your body and close your ears to protect your hearing, close your eyes so as not to damage your eyesight.
If the storm caught you in the city, take cover in any large building: it is dangerous to stand under the “fungi”, at the bus stops, under the visors of the stalls. Turn off your mobile phone while walking down the street: it can attract lightning.
Most buildings in cities are equipped with a lightning conductor, but if there is no certainty that it is installed correctly - do not risk: when you wait for a thunderstorm indoors, do not approach the windows,Disconnect electrical appliances in advance. Turning them off during a thunderstorm is dangerous. Touch the outlet can not be dangerous can be a bath and shower. A landline phone can also conduct lightning, set aside conversations.
Do not leave the shelter earlier than half an hour after the last lightning, wait until the rain ends.

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