How to apply ordinary salt not only in cooking


Common table salt can be used for other purposes.

At home…



Artificial flower cleaning


Dusty artificial flowers can be refreshed by putting them in a bag and adding a quarter cup of table salt. Shake gently several times and make sure the flowers look like the first day of purchase.


Removal of plaque in a flower vase


After the next holiday, the presented bouquet dried up and left behind only mineral bloom in the beloved vase. Well, if the neck of the vase is wide and allows you to reach out with your hand to the white ring left by the water. Then there will be no problems with cleaning.


If it does not reach out, you need to pour concentrated brine into the vase, shake it up, shake it vigorously and rub with a brush to wash the bottles. The deposit will surely disappear under the action of the abrasive qualities of the brine.


Fixing artificial flowers in the desired position


Salt is a good material for fixing artificial flowers in the desired composition. The tank in which there will be a bouquet, you need to fill with salt and add a little water. After that arrange the flowers the way you think is beautiful. The salt will dry, harden, and the bouquet will be fixed in the intended position.


Wicker furniture upgrade


Over time, wicker furniture begins to turn yellow under the influence of the elements. To return her a nice color, you need to rub the furniture with a brush dipped in warm salt solution and leave to dry in the sun. Such prevention should be carried out at least once a year.


Increased broom life


To prolong the life of a broom, you need to soak it immediately after purchase in a bucket of salt water high temperature. Twenty minutes of such a bath is enough.


Tool for cleaning brass and copper


Due to bad weather conditions, copper and brass items are constantly covered with an unpleasant greenish tinge. You can restore the lost shine by rubbing them with a paste prepared by yourself. For its preparation you need to mix in equal parts flour, vinegar and salt.Apply the paste on a piece of soft cloth, rub green objects on it and rinse with warm soapy water. After that, it is desirable to polish things.


Facilitated fireplace cleaning


If the fireplace has not yet gone out, and there is no time left at all and you are late for the meeting, then you need to put out the fire with salt. The fire will go out faster, and the soot will remain much less than from a smoldering flame. Plus, it will be much easier to clean the fire after such a procedure.


Removing wine stains from the carpet


The stain from red wine is doubly noticeable if the material it has got on has light shades. Immediately after the wine got on the carpet, it is desirable to "dilute" the color of the spot, filling it with white wine. Then rub with a sponge with cold water to prevent the reaction. Next you need to sprinkle the stain with salt, wait ten minutes and vacuum thoroughly.


Remove grease stains from carpets


In the house in which there are small children, greasy stains from sausages, sausages and other goodies dropped out of the sandwich often appear on the carpets. To get rid of the stain, you need to mix on the plate four parts of rubbing alcohol with some salt. This mixture should be rubbed into the carpet in the direction of the pile, making some effort.


Sponge repair


The sponge on the mop, like the sponge for washing dishes, have time to accumulate dirt on themselves before the end of their service life. Wash off the dirt will help the solution of a quarter cup of salt, diluted in one liter of water. Soak the sponge in it, let it soak in the solution and rinse in running water.


Removing water marks from a tree


Sloppy guests are reminded of their arrival in white circles on a wooden tabletop, left with wet glasses? Erase such “memories” with a paste from one teaspoon of salt moistened with a few drops of water, gently rubbing it with a sponge or soft cloth.


Relieving pain from insect bites and nettle burns


  • Salt is a good anesthetic for pain from bee stings, other insects, or nettle burns.
  • After being bitten by a bee, the affected place should be wetted and sprinkled with salt. Allergy sufferers will need to seek help from a doctor.
  • If the bite is left by a mosquito or tick, then after wetting the bite with salt water, it should be greased with vegetable oil or lard.
  • Skin irritation, caused by accidental contact with the nettle, can be mitigated by warmed-up salt water. With a large affected area, you can take a salt bath. 


Deodorizing sneakers


Shoes made of fabrics that can be easily absorbed by smells can be refreshed by periodically sprinkling some salt in sneakers — it absorbs unpleasant odors. 


Air freshener


It is always pleasant to be in a room filled with pleasant smells. If you do not want to constantly buy expensive air fresheners, then you can replace them with homemade ones. To do this, take the petals of roses or other fragrant flowers, shift them with salt in a nice jar with a tight-fitting lid. Periodically remove the cover so that the remaining aroma comes out.


Aquarium cleaning


You can remove mineral deposits from the glass walls of the aquarium by rubbing them with salt from the inside and rinsing them thoroughly before running the fish. Cannot be used for this purpose iodized salt.


Expelling fleas from pet homes


If the dog often spends time on the street in his kennel, then surely there might be fleas. To get rid of them and prevent re-emergence, you need to periodically flush the booth from the inside with salt water.


Getting rid of ants


If ants began to pay close attention to your dwelling and even paved a path to it, you can stop them by sprinkling window frames with salt or even the ant path itself.




In the kitchen… 




Refreshing Waste Shredder


Even the best waste shredder over time accumulates small residues that begin to rot and produce a foul odor. Sensing its appearance, pour half a cup of salt into the sink, start up a thin stream of cold water and start the chopper. Salt cleans the working chamber from food residues and neutralizes odor.


To prevent food sprays from sticking to the oven


Do not keep track of the pan in the oven and its contents start splashing over the edge? While the liquid is not frozen and not dried, it should be immediately filled with salt. As soon as the oven cools down, the remaining dirt can be easily wiped off with a sponge.


Remove burnt food


Not always enough time to immediately wash the dishes after using it. This leads to a longer process of laundering dried spots and crumbs. To reduce your efforts, simply pour salt with a pre-moistened dish and leave for a few minutes to soak the stains. Now washing dishes will become easier.


Remove burnt milk


Burned on the bottom of the pot, milk promises more than one minute of trying near the sink, but here you can resort to salt. Pour on burnt spots and do other things. After ten minutes, you can return to washing the milk pots - the stains will be washed quickly and easily.



And such complex stains can be cleaned with simple salt.



Cleaning Fat Iron Pans


Due to the lack of hot water, washing oily dishes is a huge problem. Sprinkle salt on the most fatty plates and pans - salt will absorb most of the fat.


Washing Tarnished Glassware


The dishwasher can not cope with the stains on the transparent dishes, and wash your hands do not have the strength or the desire? Leave the dishes in a container with a solution of a liter of vinegar and a spoonful of salt overnight. In the morning it will be much easier and faster to clean the stains.


Cleaning the cast iron pan


A washed cast iron pan, even after thorough drying, always intends to rust. To prevent this from happening, try immediately after cooking, before the pan has yet to cool down, sprinkle it with salt and clean it with a steel hedgehog for washing dishes.Then wipe off the polished dirt, apply a thin layer of sunflower oil. This will create a film that protects the metal from contact with oxygen.


Lightening cutting boards


Over time, cutting boards can darken. After the usual washing with soap, try to wipe the board with a damp sponge and salt.


Wash the fridge


Prepare to wash the refrigerator, freeing it of all contents, including grates and shelves, prepare a solution of four liters of water with a cup of salt stirred in it. The resulting solution is non-corrosive to the material from which the inner walls of the refrigerator are made and it is possible to wash the whole cavity without fear. The naturalness of the solution eliminates the appearance of chemical odors and fumes.


Removing coffee and tea stains


Coffee and tea, long in cups, leave a dark edging on them. Some of these marks are difficult to clean even with a sponge and detergent. Apply some salt to an already soaped sponge. More difficult "rings" are sure to be washed with a mixture of equal parts of salt and vinegar.

Similarly, you can get rid of the traces on the tip of the kettle, filling it with salt and leaving "bake" for the night.In the morning it will be enough just to wash the salt plug with boiling water.


Fast cleaning after cutting dough


Like to indulge in homemade products from the dough, but do not like to wipe the sticky lumps that remain on the table after work? Sprinkle the rest of the dough with salt and rub with a sponge - there will not be a trace of the dough.


To prevent fat from splashing


How many hot oil burns could have been avoided, knowing one little trick: during cooking, before frying the products that make up the spray, add quite a bit of salt to the heated oil. So you can save the skin is not scalded, and the stove - clean and not splattered.


Acceleration of cooking


If you want to boil something quickly, add salt to the water in advance, even if it is not required by the recipe. Salt increase the boiling point of water, which means - will increase the temperature at which heat treatment will occur. However, it is important to remember: salt will not accelerate the boiling process itself.


Cook great eggs — poas


In order to start a dish that is difficult to prepare, called “Pashot”, you need to know one trick that chefs in restaurants know about.

Before you break the egg, pour a teaspoon of salt into the water. The protein will fold neatly, and the yolk will not spread. It will also improve their taste.



Salt helps in cooking, not only by giving taste ...



Egg freshness check


Purchased chicken eggs can be checked for freshness without breaking them. To do this, stir three teaspoons in two hundred grams of water and gently lower the egg into the solution. A spoiled egg will remain afloat, and a fresh egg will drown.


How to easily clean hard-boiled eggs


Do you like hard-boiled chicken eggs for breakfast, but do you hate messing about cleaning the shells? It is possible to facilitate the removal of the shell by adding two teaspoons of salt to boiling water before lowering the eggs into it.


Easy spinach wash

Fresh leaves of spinach are quite attractive in appearance, but it is rather difficult to wash because of the dirt clogged in the folds. Rinse them in a bowl of salt water, and then substitute for running water.


Freshen wrinkled apples


Suppose, remembering that there were a few apples left in the refrigerator, when you got them, you realized that they looked shriveled and unsightly.Put them in salted water for a while, and the wrinkles on the peel will smooth out.


Whipping cream and eggs


If you really want the whipped cream to be more airy and the cap of the whipped eggs to rise higher, add a pinch of salt before beating.


Preservation of milk freshness


To keep the milk or cream in the open bag longer and fresh, add a pinch of salt to the bag. This will slow down the fermentation process.


Extinguishing flushing fat


The body of a real man requires meat in any form, but more often - in fried. When cooking in a pan or grill, fat sometimes flares up. Do not extinguish it with water at all - it can splash out, spreading fire. The fat dripping on the coals of the roaster also ignites, spoiling the cooking process on the coals. Sprinkle salt on the embers that are dripping the most - it will extinguish the fire and will not lead to a decrease in temperature, unlike water.


From mold to cheese


Bought a large piece of cheese, and he, not having time to end, began to become covered with mold? Before you put the cheese in the fridge, wrap it in a napkin soaked in salt water.



Removal of broken eggs


Anyone who has ever dropped a raw egg on the floor at least once in his life knows how hard it is to wipe sticky residue. Salt sprinkled on the stain will gather a puddle, and it will be easier to assemble it with a paper towel or sponge.


Removing sweat marks


"Klin wedge knock out" - such a saying comes to mind from the following method of removing yellowish stains from sweat. Dissolve four tablespoons of salt in one liter of water. The stain on clothes should be wetted until the stain disappears.



Helpful information


  • The key aspect in deciding whether there is life on Mars? May be salt. Thanks to a closer study of the Red Planet, scientists have proved several of their hypotheses, for example, is there water and salt on Mars? These facts will confirm the possibility of the emergence of biological life on this planet.
  • The proportions of salt concentration in sea water and in the human body are correlated as three to one. Most scientists are of the opinion that, like other members of the animal world, man feels the need for salt, in accordance with the assumption that all life originated in the ocean.
  • In the Roman Empire, the word salarium (salt money) meant part of the soldiers ’salaries, which they received in the form of salt or spent on its purchase. In English, the wordsalary has a Latin root and means "salary".
  • The United States of America is considered the world leader in salt production. In 2012 this country produced 44 million tons of salt, in second place is China, with a volume of 35 million.

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