How to adjust the speed of the computer

You will need
  • - Smart Defrag;
  • - Advanced System Care.
If your computer is running Windows, start by disabling unused components of this OS. Open the control panel and find the “Administration” menu. Go to the "Services" submenu.
Find an active service that you do not need to work with the device. Click on its name with the right mouse button and open the properties of the service. Go to the “General” tab and find the “Startup type” item.
Select the “Disabled” option in the drop-down menu and click the “Apply” button. Disable all other unnecessary system components using the described algorithm. Restart the computer after disabling the selected services.
Open the list of local drives (menu "My Computer"). Go to the properties of any section and open the General tab and find the item “Allow indexing the contents of files”. Deactivate this function by unchecking the corresponding checkbox.
Click "Apply" and select "For all subdirectories and files". Wait for the system to change the parameters for working with the selected partition. Similarly, disable indexing for other volumes.
Install Smart Defrag. Launch it and open the settings menu. Activate the “Skip files larger” option and select the “100 MB” option.
Return to the main menu of the program, select all available local disks and click the "Defragmentation and Optimization" button. Perform this procedure at least once every two weeks.
Install the Advanced System Care program. Run it and activate the process of automatically optimizing system parameters. After its completion, open the "Utilities" menu. Select "RAM".
Click the "Forward" button. In the drop-down menu, select the option “Deep cleaning”. Restart the computer after performing the described actions.

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