How stresses and shocks affect children.

How stresses and shocks affect children.Family relocation



Throughout his childhood, the child was faced with the indifference and callousness of the mother to the extent that it is difficult to imagine.

"Honore de Balzac does not have time to come into the world, as she expels him, as a leper, from home." Up to 3 years he lives at the nurse. But even then "he can not return to his father, his mother, or younger children living in a spacious, prosperous house. The child is given to a boarding house in a foreign family. Only once a week, on Sundays, he is allowed to visit his parents, who treat him like distant relatives. He is not allowed to play with his brother and sisters, he is not given toys. Mother does not lean over his bed when he is sick. He never heard a kind word from her, and when he tenderly clings to her knees, she severely ... rejects the child's affection. "

Six years of spiritual prison in a closed school Seven-year-old kid is sent to a closed school, more like a prison than an educational institution. Vacations are canceled, parents can visit children only in exceptional cases.Poor food, hands and feet frostbitten, because the mother cannot send warm clothes and gloves.

The autobiographical pages of “Louis Lambert” reveal the tragedy of a defenseless child, unnecessary and forgotten by parents, “... the boy underwent every possible physical and mental suffering. As a slave, chained to his desk, tortured with a stick, tormented by illness, insulted in all his feelings, suffocating in an agonizing grip, he was forced to present his bodily shell of the injustice of endless tyranny flourishing in this school ... ”.


Physical penalties for six years



The human brain can hardly endure physical pain. Physical suffering can destroy the personality even of an adult. For a child, it is unbearable.
The rods, a leather belt about two fingers thick, with which an angry mentor lashes his fingers with all his strength. "... There are not as many sticks on anyone as on him. He is constantly punished, he doesn’t know the hours of rest, he is given endless additional lessons as a punishment, he is so often put in a punishment cell that for two years he didn’t have six free days. ”

Psychological protection In this hell, he finds solace in reading, in dreams and fantasies, at least briefly pulling him out of reality.

On the verge of madness

Teachers feel his non-standard, secret opposition, his non-conformism, enraging them. “The genius boy is being drilled more and more strictly, and in the end he becomes acquainted with“ wooden pants ”- medieval pads ...

Only when his nerves can not stand more, illness ... frees him from the monastic school "[9].

Short homecoming Returning to parental shelter happens only because he is ill. He resembles a somnambulist, with an absent look, barely hearing appeals to him, with the eyes of a man who saw and passed through something monstrous.

Why did he survive? One has only to wonder how a child could survive in a parent concentration camp. But fate endowed him with an amazing vitality, which he drew in the cyclothymic character inherited from his father, who was always life-loving, possessing iron health and inexhaustible cheerfulness.


Trigger neurosis



However, the stresses and upheavals suffered in childhood did not pass without a trace.They were triggers of severe manic depression, from which Balzac suffered all his life.

Periods of hypomania created his fantastic working capacity, which enabled him to write a hundred volumes by the age of 40. However, the formidable manic states took away the ability to faithfully reflect reality, setting up chimerical life goals in front of him.

Mania many times Balzac to their traps. Being an impractical person, he organized a theater, publishing houses, bought silver mines and a railway, just to lose all his money once more, to go into debt, to lose his freedom and to make his work a means necessary for survival and salvation. from lenders.

Hypomania and manic states, occasionally interrupted by deep depressions, turned into his constant companions, became part of his body, soul, brain.

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