How much is a plastic window

How much does a plastic window cost? What is the cost of a plastic window?The cost of a plastic window

The cost of plastic windows



What is the cost of plastic windows? In fact, the buyer pays all costs, up to the completion of the installation. Some of them "mask" under additional services, without which they can not do, while others try to attract our attention with a low price under the guise of actions and special offers, but in the end we will pay for everything anyway, but we still don’t know about it. Now find outhow much is a plastic window, which is included in its price. Plastic windows in our time is more a necessity than a luxury. They support high hydro and noise insulation, and also more aesthetic. As for the cost of plastic windows, it can be divided into two components:


- Actually the plastic window itself;

- Delivery of the window and of course the installation, plus the warranty service.


Although it is possible to separate these components, that is, to buy the window itself, but to refuse to deliver and install, which will make it possible to save a little.But then there is one problem, in this case, the manufacturer’s warranty does not have to count. Since when installing a window by a third party, the manufacturer and the seller do not give a guarantee on their product.


What is the cost of a plastic window



Let's take a closer look at the components separately. Let's start with the most important thing - “Window”:


- Plastic profile (in common people - frame). The price of such a profile depends on its system, which can be 3-chamber or 6-chamber.

- Accessories - constipation, hinges, latches, opening mechanisms and locks. There are also additional elements that are sometimes not included in the main set of metal plastic windows: winter ventilation mechanisms, folding flap function, flap lock and others, they will have to be bought separately.

- Double glazing. It is from him that the characteristics of the future window depend on the heat and sound insulation.


The second component - delivery, installation and warranty:


- Delivery of your windows is made specifically for this purpose transport. The cost of delivery depends on the firm, but on average it is about $ 50.

- Installation.Perhaps one of the most important processes. The cost is approximately 25% of the cost of the product.

- Guarantee. Depends on the service provided and the warranty is estimated for all companies in different ways.

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