How much hair does a person have?

Andrey Semykin
Andrey Semykin
July 23, 2012
How much hair does a person have?

First, let's see what exactly is hair? It turns out that hair is a special type of horny tissue in the form of threads. The portion of the hair above the epidermis is called the stem. The shape of the hair depends on the structure of the rod - straight, curly, curly.

How much hair a person has: decisive factors

The amount of hair in different people varies greatly and depends on their color:

  • Blonde has the most hair - 140,000 and more. But blondes have the thinnest hair.
  • Brunettes are in the middle of our ranking, they have about 100,000 hairs.
  • Least of all hair in red - less than 80,000 hair. Well, after all, there are not so many redheads in the world ...

Of course, the answer to the question of how much hair is on a person’s head also depends on his age - the hair falls out. If you compare the amount of hair in a person at the age of 20 years and 60 years, then by the age of 60 the amount of hair on the head decreases on average by one third. But at the same time, the amount of hair on the body increases - hence the joke about running hair from place to place.

To make the hair on the head more

Hair loss is associated primarily with poor blood supply to the skin at the location of the hair roots. Therefore, a good way is to massage the scalp. Massage can be performed by hand, towel, etc. Even when you are just combing your hair, the scalp is already massaged.

There are other ways to strengthen hair: rubbing onion juice and decoction of burdock root in the scalp, for example. By the way, this also includes a massage, the benefits of which were mentioned above.

To strengthen the hair is useful to eat powder from eggshell (you can buy at the pharmacy or do it yourself). By the way, this wonderful tool is also very good to use for strengthening bones.

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