How dream books interpret the value of sleep on green apples

What dreams of green apples, you can figure out, depending on who had this dream. Gender and age are important. For each case has its own interpretation.

The value of sleeping apples for women

The apple at all times was a symbol of temptation. And according to Freud, it means the female breast. To see him in a dream of the fair sex was considered a sign of maturity and readiness for a serious relationship.

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what dreams of green apples
What dreams of green apples, depends on many other details in a dream

If the apples in the dream were green, this vision acquired a different meaning and was interpreted as:

  • If the apple is sour, the girl will get what she was looking for, but she will not experience joy.
  • If a pregnant woman sees a green apple in a dream, it means that the baby can be born prematurely.

The value of sleep depends on the various trivialities that are present with apples. Plays a role and age. The dream of an adult person indicates his spiritual youth.

Dreams of apples on a tree

If the dreamer saw unripe apples in a tree, it means that she is a young, developing girl and will soon blossom.

If the fruits growing on the apple tree were green but sweet, this is a sign that the girl is not yet ready to eat the fruits of love.

Tearing off the green fruit is to disappointment. It is believed that the girl is in a hurry to love, but this will not lead to anything.

When a mother sees that one of her children is picking green fruit from an apple tree - this is a family conflict. The child is in a hurry to do what he cannot do.

The interpretation of the dream book Vanga

An interesting interpretation of the green apples in a dream gave clairvoyant Vanga. Here is what her dream book tells:

  • When a person breaks fruit in a dream, it means that important events will soon happen in his life. They will make him think about the meaning of existence. There will be a desire to discuss it with others.
  • If an apple is eaten in a dream, it means that soon a wise person will meet on his way who can teach a lot. But you need to treat him with respect, otherwise the trouble will happen.
  • If you had a rotten apple, you should wait for deception. The use of information obtained in the near future will entail major troubles.
  • If a green apple in a dream was cut in half, the wrong decision will be made soon, for which you will have to answer.

According to Vanga, the apple symbolized wisdom or reward. Unmatched - a symbol of something unfinished.

Different dream books interpret such a dream in different ways. To see apples in a dream is considered a good omen. But if you dreamed of a green apple, life can give an unpleasant surprise.

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