How do you like the business idea?

I had an idea for a business, I want to consult with you how profitable it is now. I want in Kiev to sell personalized souvenirs. Purchase ordinary metal household items, find a laser marking company, engrave names on them and sell them. What do you think?
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In my opinion the idea is super. Holidays and Valentine's Day and March 8 are coming soon, except for birthdays, your souvenirs will be bought up like hot cakes.
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I also think that you are well done and that you will do it. Just need to invest a little in advertising, at least for a start. Be sure to cover the free portals and social. network, there is just a huge niche of consumers.
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Yes, a very real business, you can even include in the price, as a separate service, the application of an individual inscription on the subject. I myself now want to give all the members of my family personalized tableware with an unusual wish, I have already found a company that offers laser marking services, I think I should contact here.
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George Petrov
������������George Petrov
������������Answered on January 17 22:24
When we started the company, we thought about advertising in advance. We ordered outdoor advertising through the company and did not lose. Recognition of our store immediately increased significantly.
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Any business, if you approach it wisely, will be profitable. The idea is not bad, with time you can expand the range. To start, make a business plan that would calculate all the risks.
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In order for a business to bear fruit it needs to be constantly developed, to come up with various marketing strategies, not to forget to do promotions and sales, to encourage loyal customers. Of course, you must have your own bright and interesting website on the Internet, which you need to promote in search engines.

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