How can you lose weight without dieting

Every woman wants to have a beautiful figure, but to maintain her weight normally is not so easy. Unfortunately, the problem of overweight has not bypassed me, either: popular diets, weight loss clothes, and cosmetics have been tried. Several years ago, I began to visit the famous Serso Medical Center in Moscow, where I was offered a way to lose weight without strict diets and exhausting loads.

How can you lose weight without dieting

A little about the method proposed by "Serso"

The psychotherapeutic method is completely safe, it is not a consultation of psychologists, but a real treatment, and without surgery, medication and dietary supplements. Many of the center lost weight without major problems and with pleasure. I especially liked that the technique was approved by the Ministry of Health, passed numerous tests. The head of the center is Academician S. Smelov, who has managed to help many people with their problem by forming the right eating habits.

The essence of the program is to influence the center of the brain, responsible for appetite.The result is a natural rejection of high-calorie foods. On my own personal experience, I noticed that I began to overeat less, dropped a few pounds, but the desired result was still far away ...

I visited the medical center together with my friend, who has recently moved away from the main program “Serso” and went on training Smelov, believing that this is a more perfect way to lose weight. She really achieved more serious results in comparison with mine: in 14 days she dropped about 8 kg!

Training basics

It is quite difficult to move from something very familiar to a new and unknown. There was one significant advantage - the training is conducted by the same high-class specialist as in the medical center, so I started collecting the necessary information on the site http: //hrupspududenie.rf/ and found a lot of interesting things. The technique is more advanced and improved, consists of 2 parts. This question especially interested me, and I turned to my friend. She said that the first part of the training involves conducting fairly accessible, but at the same time effective exercises that relax and prepare for the second stage - an autosuggestive reprogramming session.After him, a friend did not just decrease her dependence on food, but also her appetite returned to normal, her mood improved, and a craving for life appeared.

After the sessions, an unpleasant feeling is observed if the body is oversaturated with food, which signals the development of a negative reflex to a large number of calories. This makes it possible to work on the program for some time after the training at home, which is undoubtedly very convenient and effective. The training lasts about 4 hours, there is a break between classes to get some rest.

New method - new life

How can you lose weight without dieting

From my own experience, I know, the main thing is to get rid of doubts. There is nothing dangerous in psychological methods, unlike, say, gastric bypass, and Smelov's new training for weight loss is based on the principles of work both in physiology and in the human psyche. The effect is whether a person believes in a positive result or not.

After getting acquainted with the methodology in detail and talking to a person who has proved the effectiveness of the training on himself, I was convinced that this is one of the most effective ways to get rid of hateful kilograms without harm to health.There are no side effects (there was a time when I couldn’t work calmly from drugs for weight loss, I constantly tended to sleep), I don’t have to spend any physical or moral strength. It is positive that the classes are conducted by a true professional who has worked on the method of losing weight in a medical center, and now has moved to a higher, new level.

The training does not imply multi-day visits, since the program is aimed at minimum time costs and maximum results, which is especially good for busy people. This is achieved through many years of practice in the careful selection of techniques and techniques for the implementation of the cherished goal of everyone who wants to lose weight. For me, this is a big plus, as there is not enough time for everything (daily work, child care).

Lose weight at home

Today there are plenty of options available for losing weight in a short period without strict diets, but, unfortunately, not all of them are safe for health. In addition, there are hundreds of examples where rapid weight loss only contributes to a set of kilograms in the future. Smelov offers a new method of training, according to which the body itself is rebuilt to the normal functioning of the digestive organs, activating the metabolism.Psychotherapy sessions are simply incapable of this, so training is related to unique new methods.

A person who actively participates in Smelov's program will steadily lose weight even at home. The body will gradually enter the new regime, which determines the maintenance of the optimal mass of the case without any medication or strenuous exercise. Particularly relevant training for those who have tried most methods of losing weight, using all the forces, but did not achieve serious results.

Why do many friends choose training

After a detailed conversation with my girlfriend all doubts literally evaporated. Many are concerned about the financial side of the question: what if they don’t like it or don’t succeed, and nobody will return the money back. All information is specified in the introductory lecture, and in case of dissatisfaction with the program, you can refuse to participate, and all the money will be returned.

It is important that nutrition recommendations are provided to each member of the group. An approximate landmark is always required, since watching a favorite movie is difficult to control the amount of food eaten.About two months later, the body itself begins to rebuild to the desired diet, which, accordingly, will affect weight and general well-being.

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