How can you apply patchouli oil?

The art of aromatherapy has been known for a long time, people have been extracting and using plant essential oils for thousands of years: to treat serious ailments, to heal wounds and to care for skin, hair, nails, used as aphrodisiacs and to create a special atmosphere.

Needless to say, in the modern world, people have not forgotten about such powerful properties of natural essential oils, because on their basis even now powerful medicinal and cosmetic products are being created that are able to exert the most beneficial effects on the human body.

Patchouli oil is an amazing representative of all known essential oils, because its aroma is not able to leave someone indifferent: tart, deep, slightly down-to-earth, reminiscent of autumn green and bitter haze of Indian spices.

Patchouli expresses his character, he may not like everyone, but hardly anyone can call him uninteresting or ordinary. Bright, unusual and motley India has become the birthplace of this fragrance. From ancient times, its tart and sharp aroma was used to flavor rooms and clothing, as well as to heal wounds and serious diseases.

Exotic product

It is necessary to note one more property of such oil, which has not lost its relevance to this day: since ancient times it was considered a powerful aphrodisiac, used to rid sexual coldness. Aroma lamps with patchouli oil have been successfully used to incite passion and sexual desire, increase sensuality and arouse erotic fantasies.

During the time of Napoleon, the patchouli oil aromas became very popular, women and young girls wrapped their shoulders in luxurious Indian shawls that were soaked with them.

True, it was not a universal love for the scent, but the fact that the luxurious fabrics that were supplied from India were laid with dried patchouli leaves, which, according to the local population, drive away pests and other insects.

Over time, the fashion of all the eastern has passed, and the patchouli aromas returned only in the middle of the 20th century, now they are often associated with the hippie movement, which used oils and incenses of this plant widely.

It was at that time, in the 20th century, the perfume “Shocking” with the fragrance of patchouli was introduced to the world that gained worldwide popularity.Now the essential oil of such a shrub is used, most often, in men's fragrances, however, and women's collections do not bypass it, especially to create so-called oriental notes, which are characterized by sensual, bitter and very warm fragrances.

Composition and useful properties

Patchouli oil is obtained from a small shrub; its young leaves are especially appreciated, and they take part in the process of steam distillation. The process of obtaining it is quite complicated: the leaves are dried and then fermented, by the way, now not only India is an exporter of such a product, but also China, the island of Sumatra.

The chemical composition of the oil is considered unique, because it includes special components - patchouli alcohol - it enriches the oil with a characteristic aroma. There are other trace elements that deepen the smell, add harmony and sensuality.

It has a lot of good properties.

Due to its special components, such a product is actively used in the psycho-emotional sphere, as it has a pronounced tonic and anti-depressive effect, causing a surge of good mood, vigor and optimism.

In addition, there is an opinion that the oil of such a plant can positively influence creativity and intellect, develop artistry and help to perceive the surrounding world more subtly.

A number of peculiar convictions are even associated with this essential oil: patchouli has powerful positive energy, is able to maintain family well-being and happiness, and also attracts money well, for this purpose wipes, bills and even credit cards are smeared with oil. Believe in such features or not, the affair, of course, is master's, but there is a belief that money, enriched with the smell of patchouli, will come back to you.

Application in cosmetology

Useful properties of such an essential oil are actively used in cosmetology: patchouli oil is perfect for caring for any type of skin, dry type it easily eliminates signs of fading and irritation, and in fatty tissue it superbly controls the production of sebaceous glands, reduces wrinkles and eliminates possible flakings. . To enrich face creams, it is enough to add just a few drops of this product per 10 ml of base.

Besides,such a natural remedy is very effective in combating cellulite, and also helps in the fight against stretch marks and other skin effects after losing weight, it perfectly tightens sagging skin, restoring its elasticity and elasticity.

It is very effective to massage the breast with the essential oil of this plant, with its help to improve the shape and increase the elasticity of the breast. For these purposes, it can simply be added to the bath: 5-6 drops for the entire volume of liquid.

Patchouli oil is also very effective for hair: by adding just a few drops to your usual shampooing product, you will quickly restore the shine, beauty and shine to it. In addition, it quite quickly eliminates dandruff and pruritus, hair becomes stronger and filled with health.

It is also important to know that patchouli is very effective in matters of regeneration and healing of wounds, it effectively fights against edema, kills fungi and allergies, and also eliminates microcracks and redness.

Doctors-gynecologists sometimes recommend using this tool in intimate hygiene, because it has a powerful antibacterial and antifungal effect, regulates secretion with enhanced secretions.

Application in medicine

For medical purposes, patchouli oil is actively used to treat and prevent colds, as well as for nervous disorders, it allows a person to relax and calm his nerves.

In addition, this remedy is effective in the treatment of dermatoses, small skin lesions and herpetic eruptions, due to the stimulation of tissue regeneration, it is effective for the healing of scars, scars, and marks after inflammation and eruptions on the face.

Very useful product

On top of that, patchouli oil is very helpful for losing weight and for those who are on a diet, because their aroma dulls the feeling of hunger and reduces appetite. At the same time, it does not allow the body to accumulate excess fluid, which can also interfere with stable weight loss.

You should also know that this healing oil is very effective in treating internal organs: it is used for hemorrhoids, inflammatory processes in the intestines, relieves stomach disorders and helps to remove the infection from the body.

You can buy such a wonderful tool in any pharmacy, pay attention to the price, because a really high-quality product is quite expensive.

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