How can I slow the growth of body hair?

Beautiful and well-groomed legs are the dream of any girl who, unfortunately, is not so easy to achieve. But not all the fair sex can boast of smooth and soft skin on the legs, which is an important point in determining the grooming of female legs.

But no matter how you fight with these nasty hairs, they strive to get out as soon as possible. And by what methods only do not use, in what interiors do not address, after a certain period the hated bristle still makes itself felt. Yes, it is impossible to get rid of hair forever, but how can you at least slow down hair growth?

Most girls use the most simple methods of removing hairs - a razor or a depilator.

There are more advanced methods - photoepilation, sugar shugaring or getting rid of hair with wax. In the case of a razor and an epilator, the hairs return very quickly, the very next day the dark bristle can break through.

And on top of that, shaving is fraught with irritation and redness, and epilation with an electric machine - growing hair, the same irritation, but the effect lasts longer - up to two weeks.

The same amount of hair free time gives sugar shugaring. Although the desired effect is not eternal, but still it can be extended with the help of special tools.

The modern market of cosmetics, with pleasure, will offer you a wide variety of creams and lotions that slow down hair growth. Of course, you have the right to try all these miracle remedies, but be prepared for the fact that the skin of the legs can begin to deteriorate - flake off, dry, irritation may occur.

And this is natural, because all the effects on the hair follicles are carried out using the chemical elements that are contained in these creams. Therefore, if not with the first use, but over time, such effects may appear in most girls, but not in all. Everything, of course, depends on the level of sensitivity of the skin of an individual girl. So in your right to try these tools.

What about skin?

First of all do not forget that if you use an electric epilator or sugar shugaring, then such unpleasant effect as ingrown hairs can not be avoided.

Therefore, do not forget about the timely exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin, which is carried out using skin scrubbing.

This procedure should be done at least twice a week, and the funds for it can be purchased as ready-made in the store, and manufactured at home, most importantly, to choose the right components for your skin type.

After shaving or scrubbing, the skin needs to be moistened in time so as not to dry out and be saturated with useful substances. To do this, you can use a variety of creams and lotions designed specifically to slow hair growth.

Thanks to the components that they contain, the skin becomes well-groomed and healthy, and the growth of hated hairs is reduced. If you decide to use purchased creams that slow down hair growth, be sure to pay attention to their composition: they must contain substances that soften and nourish the skin, prevent its irritation.

Special epilator creams may be suitable for this use. In order for the effect to be really significant, it is best to apply them after you have already gotten rid of the hair - with wax or other means.

When using creams that can slow hair growth, the hairs become weak and colorless, and, as a result, less noticeable. Such funds are also called inhibitors, in their composition they contain walnut and almond oil, soy milk and other substances.

Naturally, all chemical methods of dealing with excess hair can be replaced by natural means. They are safer, but less effective. To achieve the effect, they need to be used regularly and for a rather long period of time.

Folk remedies

All professional foot skin care products add turmeric, Indian spice. It can also be used at home. For this you need a bag of such spices and a small amount of warm water. The ingredients are mixed to obtain a creamy mass, then the mixture is applied to problem areas and covered with cellophane (or food film). Besides the fact that turmeric is struggling with hair growth, it also relieves existing inflammation on the skin.

A very good remedy for slowing hair growth is the usual lemon.The easiest way is to wipe problem areas with a slice of lemon after each hair removal procedure. For another method, you will need squeezed juice from half a lemon and 150 g of sugar. The juice is mixed with sugar, heated and mixed well, the mixture is applied to the body, after 10-15 minutes it is washed off with warm water.

Another good tool that helps to fight excessive hairiness, are essential oils that slow hair growth. The most effective among them is tea tree and mint oil. These oils can be applied in a pure form on the feet treated with hair, or you can use them in combination.

To do this, you will need a base oil, such as jojoba or grape seed. Mix a few drops of each of them, which results in a great homemade lotion. You need to use this tool at least three times a week.

It can be noted that all natural methods that help to slow down hair growth are not suitable for everyone and may not be effective. But, in any case, with their help, you can implement proper and natural foot care, which will make it well-groomed and healthy.

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