How can you hold back tears?

Crying - the body's natural reaction to stressful situations. Experience, fear, anger, disappointment, joy and pride can cause tears in our eyes. By itself, crying is necessary, especially when a person has no opportunity to express his feelings otherwise.

But there are situations in which tears can be regarded as a way of manipulation, which sometimes entails aggression, or indicate a vulnerability, which also does not play into the hands.

How in such cases do not cry? We have several effective methods.

Control yourself

There are a huge number of situations where tears roll in and you are ready to cry. For example:

  • you were called "on the carpet" to the chief and made a serious remark;
  • a loved one said he was leaving just in the middle of the street;
  • you got an interview where the employer with a fearsome air tries to “press”;
  • quarreled with colleagues.

This list goes on. But the bottom line is that tears, although they are a psychological discharge, can sometimes harm you. Therefore, we have collected some useful tips on how to act in such situations:

  1. Pinch yourself.Everything that happens to you at the moment of stress happens on an emotional level. Your task is to go to the physical level. Having hurt himself (within reasonable limits, of course), the brain will be distracted by this signal, and automatically “forget” about previous emotions.
  2. Breathe. Mentally abstract yourself from people and conversations, and begin to breathe deeply, concentrating on inhaling and exhaling. To maximally alleviate the situation, you can read up to 10, or say to yourself the phrases “my breath is deep and even,” “I will calmly solve this problem.” Thus, you can not only hold back tears, but also get rid of aggression and irritation. The effectiveness of this method has been repeatedly proven by psychologists and yogis.
  3. Take a break. Try to think about something else. For example, about what you would like to eat for dinner, or what purchases would have to be done in the near future. You can also switch attention to objects around, choose one and consider it in detail - color, shape, size, small details, purpose.
  4. Take a break. If during a quarrel with a loved one you feel that tears are about to flow, and this is undesirable, try to take a break from solving this problem. Say that you need time to think and leave.Take a walk, spend an interesting time, and then with new forces return to the discussion.
  5. Give vent to the senses. Crying is a way to quell the feelings that rage inside you during stress. And this is not entirely correct. Instead, say everything that does not suit you, angry, annoying. It is not necessary to make a fuss, but it is possible and necessary to express one's feelings.
  6. Use cold. The effect of cold is also stressful for the body, especially if it is sudden. If the passions happened at work, go to the bathroom and wash with cold water or hold your hands under it. You can moisten the forehead, neck, wrists. Ice fits the house.
  7. Change your emotions. How to behave if you have a person who can use everything said against you? Try to change the grievance of another emotion. Imagine, for example, how he guiltily bowed his head before his wife, who for the second month "saws" him for the dripping tap. Or fantasize about a phobia that he carefully hides.

"Armed with" such methods, you can "save face" at the right time, and worthy to get out of any unpleasant situation. But if you began to notice behind yourself that tearfulness began to accompany you always and everywhere, and not just watching a sentimental film, it makes sense to undergo a medical examination.

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