How can be applied onion peel?

There is a joke that a good hostess in the trash can fills up extremely slowly. Its meaning lies in the amount of its life experience, wisdom and knowledge about the possibility of using those, it seems, wastes that the rest of them go straight to the bucket. For example, you can arrange a self-test right now: how many onion peel applications do you know? If the answer is close to zero, let's sort it out together.

General moments

So. At the onion "clothes" applications so much that you can write a thesis on this topic. Moreover, it can bring benefits so diverse that from the first reading it is not really believed in this. However, the everyday truth is that the husk can be used for:

  • garden and vegetable garden;
  • indoor plants;
  • health;
  • cooking;
  • cosmetic purposes;
  • for coloring.

Perhaps its properties are not fully understood and the list will continue in the future. Therefore, those who are accustomed to storing cleaning just before Easter should expand their horizons.

It can be said in brief that the “wrap” of the bulbs consists of fibers capable of protecting the heart and blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system, skin and hair. It has a huge amount of flavonoids, fiber, fructose, antioxidant substances. And how many generations of summer residents know what a dangerous weapon in the fight against microscopic pests, rodents in gardens and kitchen gardens. Now let's move on to the details.

Bow and Health

Dried integumentary plates or scales of onion (the hull should be called so correctly) have long been known not only to healers from the people, but also to gerontological doctors. Because the antioxidants contained in them are able to provide the body with "strength", stop the destruction of cells, stand in the way of infections and viruses, which is essential when a person wants not to age as long as possible.

To get these miraculous substances, you can use the plate in the form of teas, ointments, decoctions, tinctures, oils. Why is it so fond of cleaning in traditional medicine, and what exactly do they treat? Here's what:

For different purposes, different types of medicinal products are used. Therefore, let us briefly describe how they are prepared.

The tincture is prepared from two spoons (table) of cleanings and two glasses of water in a 15-minute water bath, followed by 8-hour infusion. If you need the use of decoction, the ingredients should be taken at the rate of 1:10. After boiling the scales are boiled for no more than 20 minutes, after they are cooled and filtered.

Since onion tea perfectly reduces pressure, it is possible (but with caution) to drink to hypertensive patients. Tea is only a tiny pinch of husk added to a green or black composition. But before such a tea drinking should be familiar with the contraindications! For the manufacture of butter you need to have knowledge of maceration.

Applicable to onions in the role of "extractor" use castor oil or olive oil. Dry plates need to be poured with hot oily liquid and infused for 21 days in complete darkness. Next, the composition should be stored in the refrigerator. And if ointment is required, mix the crushed peel with any already prepared name.

In cooking, the most famous recipe is soup, which, according to many, has a magical effect that cures oncology. To cook it, take only one onion (without cleaning it!) And half a liter of water.

It is necessary to chop the onion, drain it in a frying pan to a rich golden hue, then dip it in water and cook until the ingredient is completely soft.

Also, many housewives use unpeeled onions so that the broths of the first courses are saturated and beautiful. To do this, they are cooked whole, not cutting. Well, and painted eggs are known, probably, to everyone absolutely!

Husk and health of country plants

From human health go to the health of plants. And both indoor and garden. And here the onion "clothes" are also at the height - it protects, feeds, helps to grow. In summer houses and vegetable gardens golden dry plates can be applied using at least three methods. We will tell about each in more detail.

At the stage of planting seedlings onion peel acts as an additive. You need quite a bit of dry component to lay it with an additional layer under the ground. This will protect sprouts from numerous diseases, will give them strength, strength, will take away the pests, increase the harvest.

When yellow spots appear on cucumber and squash leaves, it is possible to make a decoction, but with different proportions than medicine, namely four cups of scales for a whole bucket of water.After cooking, due to the strong concentration of the initial broth will require dilution - 2 liters per bucket of water. And your plants will definitely get better!

The second method of applying onion cleansing in the garden is spraying from pests. Namely, from aphids, ticks and thrips. To do this, a liter of dry peel must be insisted on 2 liters of warm water for 2 days. Next, ready, filtered solution can be sprayed plants. But before that, add a liquid soap to it to strengthen the effect.

The same broth can be saved from the "black leg" that affects all types of cabbage. Water the plants need 2-3 times, making a period of 6 days.

If the plant was attacked by aphid, you can save it with onion solution prepared in a hurry. Namely, 200 grams of dry plates are poured with a bucket of lukewarm water and infused for only 15 hours. By the way, this broth can be sprayed with plants and just for prophylaxis.

Cleaning and home plants

Home green "pets" onion procedures also like, as well as garden. In fact from this vegetable they will receive both a food, both protection, and fertilizer. Moreover, to apply the solution-decoction can be both externally and inward, that is, for spraying and watering.

To prepare such a wonderful composition is very easy. All you need is a handful of dry cleanings and a half liter of water. Fill, boil for 7 minutes, cool, strain. And then you can pour, and you can spray. And your window "population" will come to life literally before our eyes in a matter of minutes!

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