How and where to store porcelain: rules and recommendations from experts

Recommendations for storage prepared by a consultant online store porcelain sets"Senhor Porcelain"Julia Matveeva.

Porcelain products (table, tea and coffee sets) require careful care and careful storage, extremely accurate and reverent. The simplicity of porcelain in everyday life due to the technological features of its production. The main requirement of professionals is proper care, respect and storage.

Recommendations of porcelain storage specialists

The best place to store fragile items made of porcelain is on a dedicated rack or in a sideboard under display case, separating them from the omnipresent dust. Additional protection will help protect the exquisite dishes, not hiding the true beauty of the elegant material.

Reliable storage eliminates the risk of mechanical damage to individual items.Agree, unpleasant situations often happen with the most expensive solutions. It is obvious that when chinaware “peacefully rests” in the closet, then it is less likely to break or drop it.

For the storage of fragile dishes most often used:

  • Traditional cabinets equipped with glass shelves, shelves and doors;
  • porcelain miniatures, vases and sculptures are best placed in a specialized closet (they are often custom-made, taking into account the particular layout of the room where it is located);
  • in special corners and niches (it is better if they are dimly lit);
  • in the wall grooves, where the installation of the lighting system.

Professional collectors prefer special cabinets, where extremely expensive products are stored.

Recommendations and advice from experienced gatherers

In the house there was no place for exhibitingtea serviceshow off? In this case, care must be taken for its careful packaging and safe storage. First of all, the product must be placed in a large, strong and solid box.

For this, not only ordinary wooden boxes are suitable, but also plastic, plywood and even cardboard ones.It is better to fill the space between individual objects with crushed foam, transport tape, padding polyester, cotton wool or sawdust.

"Do not forget to leave the appropriate mark on the box, so that several times not to open it."

Experts strongly recommend to place elegant plates in a vertical plane, it is better to refuse traditional stacks initially, because there is a high probability that the bottom of the upper product will damage the surface of the lower one.

Each plate should be shifted with paper or thick cloth. If you are a happy owner of decorative dishes with which you plan to decorate several walls in an apartment, use plastic hooks, as metal scratches the porcelain surface.

“As for cups from the same material, the best way to store them is suspended. However, if there is no corresponding possibility, under no circumstances put one cup inside the second in order to eliminate the danger of damage to the handles, the formation of chips and small cracks. ”

Teapots teapots, sugar bowls, as well as coffee pots (in fact, like other dishes with lids), it is advisable to arrange as high as possible.This will eliminate the likelihood of accidental grazing. But the lids are turned upside down, grabbing the thread. The best option is to tie up the “figure eight”, capturing each of the handles. There must always be a certain distance between porcelain dishes, even a small one.

should decorate the house, demonstrate the status of the owners. To preserve their visual appeal and integrity, it must be properly stored and carefully treated during operation. Follow the simple rules and recommendations presented above and be able to enjoy the aesthetic beauty and elegance of porcelain for many years.

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