Horoscope deficiencies: carefully, Pisces!

Unique, attractive, not wise by years, intelligent and able to use their intuition, feeling the mood of other people and, it seems, even telepaths. They are always of interest, but it is difficult to get close to them, because they have a complex, ambiguous, dual character. So, today Pisces and their features, which many people consider to be flaws, and only those close to them - cute eccentricities, are in line.

Conservative obstinacy

If Pisces had something in their head, it is impossible to convince them. They will come up with hundreds of reasons (sometimes completely fantastic), why their opinion is correct, why they don’t want to try something new or deviate from a non-positive pattern of behavior, but they don’t budge. You can, with foaming at the mouth and to hoarsely prove the delusionalness of their calculations, lead to reinforced concrete arguments, disassemble them at points, but the effect will be zero.

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This even applies to food. If it seems to representatives of this sign that some products are not combined a priori with each other, they will not try, no matter how beautiful the dish looks. So feeding Pisces with something that they are not used to is a big problem. However, sometimes a little trick helps: do not disclose the ingredients, disguise the dish as something ordinary and, having only heard that it was tasty, tell them what it was made of.

Soft authoritarianism

Fish like to drip on the brain. If it seems to them that you are in some way wrong, they will endlessly "peck you into a topic", repeatedly returning to the same conversation until you finally get pierced. Probably, they came up with the saying “Water wears a stone” about them, and they, in turn, torture the medieval torture on the top of the head, precisely until a hole appears in the skull.

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As a rule, representatives of this sign do not scream, trying to be heard, they itch for a long time, achieving the desired result, with a soft Jesuit smile giving one clear truth to them. In general, as the long practice of communicating with Pisces shows,it is easier to immediately agree than to expose oneself to their “tireless care” and discourage employment or unnecessary actions that they actively impose on you.

Large-scale conformism

Fish love to go with the flow. And the strangest thing is that in small things they are persistent enough, in some unprincipled situations they easily “stand in the pose” and defend their opinion, but to change some major circumstances that really poison their life, they categorically refuse.

For many years they may go to an unloved job, not wanting to “lift the ass off the chair” and look for something more acceptable; to live with a person who is hated to gnash his teeth, so as not to get involved in the divorce process and division of property; To endure the antics of relatives, instead of renting a separate apartment.

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Representatives of this sign are very hard to make serious changes, it is easier for them to adapt for years to something that they don’t like at all than to make a choice and cut the Gordian knot in one movement. They may long and persistently say that everything is bad for them, complain about their superiors, parents, wives, husbands, children, but not take any active actions.

And only after some very powerful kick, and most importantly - after someone from their environment takes the initiative in their hands, they go to the transformation of their existence; but also having escaped from the constrained circumstances, experience a kind of breaking, regret about the lost. True masochism, is not it?

Criticism and intolerance

Fish adore criticizing something they do not understand at all, and sharply condemn what they themselves do not like. If you are passionate about something that they do not understand, to prove to them the right to personal choice is very, very difficult. They will smack, make a unique facial expression, systematically and regularly walk on the subject of your passion, which is often immensely angry and extremely annoying.

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The same thing happens when, for some reason, they did not like your chosen one (the chosen one) and even just one of your friends. They not only speak impartially in his (her) address, but also do everything to separate you from this person, completely ignoring your feelings and affections.

True, we must give them their due - intuition rarely fails them, and if they dislike someone, it means that there really is some wormhole in this person.And if they criticize the fruits of your labors, an error has actually crept in there, which they, even without understanding the essence of the question, feel at some transcendent, mental level.

Inability to say no to yourself

Fish are often prone to any vices, which they do not want to get rid of, even if they understand that they are injurious to their health. This applies not only to drinking and other substances that affect consciousness, but also food addictions, everyday habits, aspiration to argue over trifles.

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So, for example, if they want to sit at a computer or read a book until dawn, they do not deny this to themselves, without thinking that they need to go to work in the morning and somehow fulfill their duties. They stubbornly crack what is contraindicated to them, toil, drink pills, but do not restrain themselves. They "comb" their nerves, getting involved in a dispute, which, in essence, completely muddle-headed, unprincipled and does not change anything.

Attacks of coldness and indifference

In fact, Pisces can be called empathetic, empathetic, and attentive. They can be comforted in one word, they sometimes do not need to explain what is happening to you in order to get both help and support.However, sometimes they are covered with absolute detachment, they become unimaginably indifferent and unresponsive. And then from them you will not wait for the warmth of the soul, and having demanded it, you jump on the wonderful phrase: “It doesn’t concern me, accordingly, I don’t care.” Some time passes, and again they turn into understanding beings, sensitively sensitive and ready to listen, but the sediment remains.

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With Pisces is absolutely impossible to negotiate something in advance. They are so people of mood that you never know which factors today will affect their sense of self, and, accordingly, on their decisions. For example, the reason for the rejection of a meeting scheduled for the week may be a light rain, a slight headache, a sudden desire to just lie on the couch and dream.

You are anticipating communication, “covering a glade”, refusing tempting offers from other people, and an hour before X arrives you receive an SMS message with a text approximately like this: “I get sick (a), I can't come”, well or There were urgent matters at work. ”And by the way, it’s not a fact that a person is really sick or urgently busy with something, in most cases he is just too lazy to leave the house.

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And the rest of the Pisces are wonderful creatures, which inspire trust, sincere awe and strong affection, if you get used to their shortcomings.

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