Homemade face creams: recipes

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Cosmetics made on a natural basis, is finding more and more adherents. This is not surprising, because such tools really work. In addition, they are hypoallergenic and safe. But the cost of them in the stores of organic cosmetics is high. Therefore, women invent their own recipes and prepare home natural cosmetics. Face cream is one of these remedies.

Homemade face creams: the pros and cons

Before considering the recipes, let us examine the positive and negative sides of preparing face creams at home.

The advantages of such beauty products are as follows:

You know what ingredients were used in the preparation. In the absence of preservatives, dyes and other harmful components you are sure.
Prepared home cream contains no hormones, it is natural.
This tool is not addictive.
The effectiveness of homemade cream is higher than that of the store.

Homemade face creams: recipes

Cons are also present:

The choice of ingredients should be approached carefully. Should be guided by the type of skin and its needs.
Homemade creams can not be stored for a long time. But this aspect can be considered a plus: the tool is always used fresh and efficient.

Consider the fact that the procedure for making a cream has its own characteristics. But given them, you get a natural, natural care product.

Features of the preparation of homemade face creams

To make a caring cream at home, follow these guidelines.

Acquire or select from the already available for the cremation of a separate dish. For other purposes, it is now prohibited to use it. Plates and plates should be enamelled, tools for mixing - wooden. Do not use metal utensils, especially for water baths. The cream prepared in such a way will be spoiled.
Stock up on medical disposable syringes. For accurate recipe compliance, you will measure the liquid ingredients in milliliters.
If you are preparing a cream based on any natural oil, heat the base ingredient in a water bath. The temperature should be 60 degrees, but not higher.
Hand-made creams will be natural, natural. But even in this case it is impossible to do without the use of emulsifiers - substances that will help the components to interact. Emulsifiers in advance purchase in a pharmacy. Use sucrose stearate, beeswax, or stearic acid. Add emulsifiers to the already heated base oil. Stir constantly with the mass. Remember: these excipients should not be too much. Focus on 2% of the total amount of the resulting funds.
Do not use water when preparing the cream. The exception in some recipes is mineral or distilled water. For other cases, use decoctions of herbs. This additional liquid is also injected with constant stirring into the main used oil after the emulsifying component.
After the home base for the cream warms up to 60 degrees, remove it from the heat. Leave for 3 hours to cool, thicken. It is not necessary to put in the refrigerator, it is enough room temperature.
After two hours, the cream will thicken and get the desired consistency. Now enter the active components into it.The tool is ready.

Homemade face creams: recipes

Not all creams recipes are prescribed to do just that, and there may be discrepancies. In other cases, you do not even need to preheat the components. The tool at the same time will not so effective, but it will be natural and certainly does not harm.

Store the prepared natural remedy in a glass dish in a dark and cool place. Put a piece of foil under the cover so that the packaging is tight and the cream does not deteriorate. Shelf life - 7 days. In order not to get confused, write the date of preparation of the composition on a piece of paper and attach it to the jar.

Home care cream may not work out the first or even the second time, but do not abandon the idea of ​​its preparation, barely failing. The remedy that you ultimately succeed in will be effective and natural. So it's worth it.

Homemade Moisturizer Recipes

Such means will relieve from peeling, redness and tightness of the skin. But carefully pick up recipes. If you have sensitive skin, some ingredients may not be suitable for you.

Cream with vitamin E. The tool is prepared according to the algorithm described above. Use avocado oil (take 30 ml) as a base.Emulsifier - beeswax (2 g.). Take the rose water to dilute the ingredients, which is done in a water bath. Measure out 60 ml. Enter vitamin E into the thickened cosmetic product. Use a liquid form, the amount is 6 milliliters. Fill the mixture with lavender ether (no more than 10 drops).
Oily cream for dry skin. This homemade cosmetic is made with lanolin. Spoon the teaspoon of this substance. An emulsifier will be the same beeswax (2 years). After the mixture, enter two articles. l. olive oil, mix. Separately, in a water bath, heat one teaspoon of glycerin and half tsp. sodium tetraborate, or borax. In this mixture, enter 60 ml of mineral water and 2 tbsp. l. jasmine oil. Separately, cool both mixtures, and then combine and whisk with a blender.Homemade face creams: recipes
Cream with vegetable extracts. Melt a teaspoon of beeswax for the foundation of a future cosmetic product. Add to it 50 ml of olive oil. Instead of water, this recipe uses a mixture of fresh, natural vegetable juices. Suitable carrot, squash, pumpkin, cucumber. You should have a total of 60 ml of the juice mixture.Then in the resulting composition, add the egg yolk, previously separated from the yolk, mix. Hold in the bath for two minutes and then whisk.
Cream with cucumber. Heat beeswax (1 spoon, tea), olive oil (2 tablespoons), half tsp. glycerol. When the mixture warms up to 60 degrees, remove it from the heat and cool. Separate the egg yolk from the white and grind it with cucumber juice (prepare in advance 3 tbsp.). Mix the resulting mass with a base for the cream.
A simple recipe for cream with strawberries. This recipe is exclusively summer. Four Art. l. strawberry juice (only fresh berries, use when preparing it), mix with a teaspoon of glycerin and the same amount of oatmeal. After the resulting mass whisk with a blender.

Cooking homemade creams against oily shine

Such products mat the skin and lead it to a healthy water-fat balance.

Cream on almond oil. The specified ingredient is used as a base. Quantity - 30 ml. An emulsifier is sucrose stearate. Instead of the base fluid, use a decoction of dry basil herb. Amount - 60 milliliters. After the base has cooled and thickened, mix 10 drops of grapefruit oil into it. The latter can, if necessary, be replaced with mandarin oil or other citrus fruits.
Cream with rose oil and rose water. The base in this cream is almond oil in the amount of 30 grams, rose oil (10 grams) and beeswax (also 10 grams). The melted ingredients dissolve 40 milliliters of rose water. This cream has an interesting feature: it turns thick, but when it comes into contact with the skin it softens. It has a pleasant floral fragrance.
Glycerin cream. To implement this recipe, take 20 grams of glycerin. Melt it in a water bath using the same amount of zinc oxide. An emulsifier will be benzoic tincture (2 grams). In the resulting mixture add 10 grams of starch (it is best to use potato). Dilute the cream with 10 milliliters of distilled water. Slightly cool and whisk with a blender.
Cream with cocoa. The product is suitable for young skin. Melt 3 teaspoons of cocoa mixed with two tsp. rose water. Enter this mixture as a base oil of apricot kernels (a teaspoon). Whip the cream and leave it to thicken the product.

Homemade face creams: recipes

Balancing Home Creams

These creams are suitable for girls with combined skin type.

Chamomile cream.Buy in a pharmacy dried chamomile flowers. To prepare this cream, use a tablespoon of such medicinal raw materials. Boil the main component with boiling water (the liquid should be 100 ml) and hold it on the fire for 10 minutes. After the mixture, strain and the resulting broth (measure 4 tablespoons), combine with honey and glycerin. These ingredients take in the amount of a teaspoon (each). Heat the oil mixture separately in a water bath. To create it, take 1 tablespoon of olive and flaxseed oils. Add the yolk and 10 drops of camphor oil separated from the protein. Mix the resulting billet and whisk the substance.
Cream with vitamins. To create a base, take coconut and grape oil (25 ml of the first and 100 ml of the second), lanolin (5 ml) and beeswax (10 ml). Mix components and heat 40 seconds in the microwave. Then dilute the base with mineral water (150 ml), add aloe juice (80 ml). Expand 10 tablets of ascorbic acid and add to the cream. Stir and enrich with patchouli and ylang-ylang essential oils. Beat the medium in a blender.

Anti-aging homemade creams

These tools are struggling with age-related changes on a par with expensive anti-age rulers of renowned manufacturers.In preparation, they are not more difficult than those described above.

Honey cream with the effect of lifting. The algorithm for preparing the product differs from the basic one. In a clean and dry cream container drip a drop of iodine. Put in the same jar a tablespoon of natural honey. Take a liquid product or pre-melt solid. Add castor oil (1 tbsp.) And mix the preform. Pour into the mixture a teaspoon of Vaseline and stir the product thoroughly.Homemade face creams: recipes
Oil cream The basis for the cosmetic product according to this recipe are oils: olive, grape and sesame. Ingredients ratio: 7 to 8 to 5 ml, respectively. An emulsifier is borax (a teaspoon of this agent). Dissolve everything in 40 ml of rose water. When the tool thickens, add 5 ml of tea tree oil and enrich the cream with vitamins A and E. Use no more than 5 grams last.
Creamy caring cream. The algorithm for its creation is also different from the main one. Whisk one egg. Add to it a glass of thick cream with high fat content, a tablespoon of natural liquid honey (again, if the product has a thick texture, it must be melted beforehand), 5 drops of tea tree oil. Mix all the ingredients and use the cream overnight.Pay attention to an important point: it is necessary to store this product in the refrigerator and not more than three days.
Cream with gelatin. To implement this recipe, take a tsp. gelatin (powder) and stir in two tablespoons of lukewarm water. Allow 10 minutes for swelling. After this time, put the gelatin on the fire and melt. Add natural honey (3 tablespoons) and keep the mass on the fire for 2 minutes. Cool the mixture and put in the cold for one day. Then add one hundred grams of glycerin and five crushed salicylic acid tablets to the preparation. Whip the cream.

Exotic Cream Recipe

This tool is suitable for normal skin, as well as age, experiencing a lack of moisture and fading. Its regular use will allow to nourish the skin, make it pleasant to the touch, soft. In addition, the tool starts the process of cellular regeneration.

To implement this recipe as a basis, take shea butter. Heat 1 tablespoon of the main ingredient. Add to it jojoba oil (tsp), avocado (same amount) and macadamia (take 2 tsp. Ingredient). Soak all components on fire for a minute.Remove the agent from the stove and add three drops of rose and patchouli essential oils in it. Stir the cream and let it cool.

This oily remedy should be kept in the cold for no more than ten days. Use it better before bedtime.

Homemade face creams: recipes

Homemade facial massage creams

Facial massage is an important caring procedure. It allows you to maintain tone, maintain a well-defined oval face. For massage cream can be prepared at home.

Almond honey massage cream. This cosmetic product is prepared on almond oil. Melt lanolin (200 ml), then add to it 100 ml of natural honey and the same amount of almond oil. Stir the ingredients, and after cooling, whisk the resulting cream.
A nourishing massage cream. Take 20 grams of lanolin, 10 grams of beeswax and 60 ml of olive oil. Mix and melt the ingredients. In a separate bowl, mix 10 grams of glycerin, 2 grams of borax and 50 ml of water (use a mineral). Combine both blanks and hold on the fire for 10 minutes.

There are many such homemade face creams, and every woman will be able to find a recipe. With the help of own cosmetic preparations you can get rid of existing problems and get really gentle and gentle care.After all, the best nature has already given us, and this wealth can only be properly used.

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